• May 11, 2018

    PacTrans Supported OSU Students help UMASS launch first ITE Student Leadership Summit

    In mid-April, three undergraduate student members of the OSU ITE student chapter (Travis Larsen, Cadell Chand, and Ivan Zaw) attended the ITE Student Leadership Summit in Amherst, Massachusetts.  The conference spanned over the course of three days, April 13th – 15th, and focused on leadership and professional development within the contexts of both student activities and preparation for future careers.  Conference activities included speed interviews and resume building, small group discussions with industry leaders, and a group leadership activity where teams brainstormed and then presented ideas on how to better engage students in ITE and other professional societies at their respective colleges.  This conference was unique because not only was it hosted for students, but it was also organized by students.  Travel to this conference was made possible because of funds provided by PacTrans.