• August 23, 2013

    Region 10 Transportation Conference on Oct. 18th at the UW: “Transportation Decision Making in the Big Data World”

    The PacTrans Region 10 Transportation Conference brings together the Pacific Northwest’s transportation community to network and to share current research results and ideas for future collaboration. This year’s conference focuses on how transportation agencies and companies can improve transportation decision making by using modern technology for less costly data collection, improved methods for data sharing, and better decision support tools.

    The conference will start with a dynamic plenary session featuring public and private sector views of the benefits offered by open public databases, along with the lessons learned from agencies’ experiences with open data efforts. A lunchtime poster session will include a presentation of current PacTrans research. Afternoon sessions will focus on the changing educational needs of the transportation workforce and the secrets for moving research into practice, whether starting a company, successfully applying for a patent, or simply incorporating research findings into standard agency practice. For more information, download the flier here.