• April 28, 2014

    STAR Lab Participates in UW Engineering Discovery Days

    PacTrans  joined in the celebration of UW Engineering Discovery Days.  Engineers and scientists from across campus displayed their most engaging research and projects during the 2 day event held from April 25-26, 2014.  This event was free and open to the public with almost 600 students, parents and  faculty in attendance.  Some of the highlights included a PacTrans research project with a  display of an earthquake table used by structural engineers to test how structures will withstand earthquakes. This sort of testing is crucial to figuring out how well a structure, such as a bridge, would be able to withstand a major natural disaster.  STAR Lab as well as other labs conducting research demonstrated their research to people of all ages as well. The STAR Lab demonstrated video-based pedestrian detection systems, controllers used for traffic signals, and let kids play “Traffic Hero,” a game similar to Guitar Hero in which players try to detect cars along with the detection system and score points if they can correctly do so.

    P1020887Students learn about traffic signal controllers



    Students play Traffic Hero