• June 06, 2019

    Unique part time internship opportunity with King County Metro

    King County Metro is seeking a talented graduate student to contribute to our partnership with the UW Taskar Center in building inclusive pathway review mobile phone application towards the acquisition of GIS mapping data in the OpenSidewalks format. 

    For the time period summer through possibly November, the successful candidate will pursue system analysis and contextual inquiry tasks; capturing, communication and translating into technical specification relevant information regarding current processes of pathway review.

    The position will require interviewing the pathway review team, surveying past instances of pathway reviews, and communicating with stakeholders (at KCM Accessible Services, at UW Taskar Center and potentially at MVTransit).

    Candidate will be asked to investigate current

    • Information flow
    • Business processes
    • Data that is used in these processes
    • External and internal data
    • Difficulties with current pathway reviews
    • Desirable and undesirable scenaria in pathway review

    Intern will be part of a dynamic team with the goal of truly innovating in the paratransit space. The role of contextual inquiry and creating technical specification is one of the most crucial, hardest and rewarding, tasks in the development of a software system.

    Position Objectives:

    Contribute technical specification to the collection and dissemination of accessibility information within urban built environment through the AccessMap framework.

    Conduct technical design review and create technical design requirements for a new Pathway Review Application.

    Deliver software development pathway recommendations that balance risk, cost and technical complexity to ensure the successful delivery of a software application based upon OpenStreetMap, ODK Collect and the OSM XML and OpenSidewalks data framework.

    Send inquiries to: Matthew.Weidner@kingcounty.gov or UWTCAT@UW.EDU