Recipe adapted from the PKU Organization of Illinois. May 2004


1 large head of broccoli (360 grams)
Juice of half a medium lemon
1 tsp of fresh ground cumin
1 tsp of fresh ground coriander
Garlic salt (to taste)
Tiny bit of finely chopped scallions (to taste)
1 roughtly diced medium tomato (120 grams)

Cook the broccoli until it's just tender enough for a knife to pierce it without resistance. Put into blender or a food processor with the lemon juice and seasonings and blend until very smooth. Add the tomator and blend brifly so that the tomato is still "chunky". Let set for about 10 minutes so the flavors can mingle and then eat as a dip with crudites and low protein tortillas or use as a spread on low protein crackers. You can also thin it with small amounts of water and use it over hot veggiew of low protein pasta.

Yields 4 cups

Per cup: 80 mg phe
Per Tablespoon: 5 mg phe

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