Snow and Inclement Weather Information

In the event of snow or inclement weather on PKU Clinic days, the clinic will follow the Seattle Public School guidelines.

In case of snow or inclement weather, one of the following situations is possible:

  1. If Seattle Public Schools operate on time, then the PKU Clinic will operate as usual.
  2. If Seattle Public Schools operate two hours late, then there will be no morning PKU Clinic group, but the afternoon group will operate as usual.
  3. If the Seattle Public Schools close, PKU Clinic will be cancelled.

The clinic voice mail (206-598-1800 or toll free 1-877-685-3015) will be updated as often as possible. You may also call the CHDD front desk at 206-598-4317 for updates.

Please listen to radio and TV stations for information about Seattle Public Schools late start, delays, or closures. Information will also be posted on their web site at


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