Clinic Schedule


PKU clinic is held on the third Wednesday and the following Thursday of each month at the University of Washington Medical Center CHDD clinic. Children and their parents are seen in groups based on the child's age.

See What We Offer for more information on the clinic format.

Day and Time

Age Group

Wednesday, 9:00 am 0-2 years
Wednesday, 1:00 pm 5-12 years (grades K-6)
Thursday, 9:00 am 2-5 years (toddlers and preschool)
Thursday, 1:00 pm 12-18 years (Jr. and Sr. High school)

Individual appointments with the PKU team are also available.
If you are interested in making an appointment, please contact us at (206) 598-1800.


Snow and Inclement Weather Policy

Read our Snow and Inclement Weather Policy


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