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SRF511 - Graduate Application

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                    G R A D U A T E   A P P L I C A T I O N                 * *
___-__-____  ___/____  NO._   TYPE:_   DATE RCVD:__/__/__   FEE:_   CLASS:__
_______  _________
ACTION:_ (A=ADD C=CHG D=DEL F=FIND)        CAMPUS:_                EVENING:_

NAME:_____________________________________________  BIRTH DATE:__/__/__  SEX:_
FORMER NAME:_____________________________________________

PERM ADDRESS:______________________________   HOME ADDRESS:____
             ______________________________      CITY/ST:____________________ __
        CITY:______________________________   FACULTY/STAFF:_
       STATE:__   ZIP:_____-____              HOME PHONE:(___) ___-____

 VETERAN:_   BIRTHPLACE:_______________   COUNTRY:____________________   VISA:__
   MAJOR:_-_-______-__-_-_ DEGREE GOAL:_  GRADUATE STATUS:_
____/____________________  __________   ____/____________________  __________
____/____________________  __________   ____/____________________  __________
____/____________________  __________   ____/____________________  __________

NCR:_    FOREIGN TYPE:_    MAIL CODES:___  ___  ___    RECRUITED:______

Instructions for screen SRF511

This screen used to be used to enter new graduate applications.  Graduate applications are now loaded into the Student Data Base using from a feed from My Grad Program. The fields are filled with data from an electronic application. The data then shows on the SRF505 and 615 . This screen can only be requested using a social security number and is quarter specific. (A quarter and year needs to be entered with the social.) Once uploaded, an application will show "as received" for the quarter and year requested in the SDB.

The information entered on this screen is reflected on the SRF505 and SRF525 screens.

TYPE: G=Graduate applicant
E=Graduate Non-matriculated

The code for the HOME ADDRESS is automatically supplied to the SDB from the name of the city entered in the CITY/ST field.

There are fields for six different college codes at the bottom of this screen. If the student attended more than six colleges, the additional information is entered on the 540 screen.

This screen, like the 510 , has fields that have a 'Y' entered if the response is yes but are left blank if not. These two fields are: EVENING and FACULTY/STAFF.

The VISA field must be entered for all foreign grad applicants. If the VISA field is entered then the FOREIGN TYPE field at the bottom of the screen must also be entered.

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Screen last updated:June 18, 2009, 2:31 pm