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SRF525 - Application Status Changes

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            A P P L I C A T I O N   S T A T U S   C H A N G E S             *C*

XXXXXXX 000605543  XXX-88-XXXX                                   9/17/98 14:51

STUDENT,JAMES J                            01/01/01

QTR/YEAR: ___/____  APPL NO: _  (BLANK = ALL)



 AUT/1998   1   01-APPL RECEIVD  12/19/97  14:35  ENT1035       00

 AUT/1998   1   09-TEMP HOLD      2/02/98  13:42  CRESMAN       01-APPL RECEIVD

 AUT/1998   1   10-OFFERED        4/07/98  20:40  SR51015       09-TEMP HOLD

 AUT/1998   1   14-OFFERED-CRDS   4/07/98  21:04  SR52015       10-OFFERED

 AUT/1998   1   16-ENR PACKET     5/01/98  20:57  SR52015       14-OFFERED-CRDS

Instructions for screen SRF525

The SRF525 screen shows all the different application quarter/years entered for a student. This screen is used to verify an application has been processed and shows who entered the application and the current status of the applicant. It is an inquiry only screen.

  • QTR/YEAR shows the quarter/year the student applied to attend.
  • APPL# shows the number of applications submitted for the quarter/year.
  • APPL STATUS shows the current status of the application.
  • DATE shows the date the application the application status was current.
  • TIME shows the time the status was current.
  • USER ID shows who processed the application or the job run to change the status
  • PRIOR STATUS shows the last status of the application.
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