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This site is brought to you by Teen Futures Media Network, College of Education, University of Washington. Since 1994, Teen Futures has been promoting media literacy education through its research, training and service to youth and those who work with youth across Washington State.

Much of Teen Futuresí work has focused on media-literacy based approaches to major teen health issues including the prevention of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, youth violence, and nutrition and body image.

This website was originally initiated with funding from the Washington State Department of Health to highlight some of the work in which Teen Futures has been engaged over the years. Teen Futures continues to maintain this website as a service to all those both nationally and internationally who share its concern with teen health issues and its strong interest in using media-literacy based approaches to these issues.

Teen Futures Media Network has vast experience in curriculum development on a wide array of topics from violence prevention to making healthy food choices. Over the past several years Teen Futures has also become known for its innovative approaches to curriculum design involving youth in the development of its materials. Teen Futuresí current curriculum design model has been carefully crafted over several years as a result of its work on curricula involving topics ranging from teen sexuality to tobacco prevention. In addition to involving groups of youth across Washington in the design of the materials, highly diverse groups high school age youth regularly become the presenters of these curriculum materials to their peers as well as younger students. Research that has been conducted by independent evaluators from Washington State University indicates that these curricula have been highly successful in achieving significant results with their target audiences.







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