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The What's Up? Teen Health Fact Sheets
These fact sheets, developed by the Child and Adolescent Health Section of the Washington State Department of Health, contain information for adults who care about teens. The series of 16 fact sheets can be downloaded or ordered for free.


Action Coalition for Media Education
ACME is a network linking media educators, health advocates, media reformers, independent media makers, community organizers and others.

Alliance for a Media Literate America
Promotes media literacy education that is focused on critical inquiry and learning.

American Academy of Pediatrics
The AAP discusses the possible negative health effects of television viewing on children and adolescents.

Artful Truth
Provides educators with tools and training to teach visual literacy in the classroom, in order to reduce tobacco use among young people through art education.

The Association For Media Literacy
The AML is a voluntary, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting media education as a means of understanding the influence of the media, and the impact of rapidly evolving technology, on our culture. Its website provides visitors with access to a range of resources and an amazing community of people interested and involved in media education and literacy.

Center for a New American Dream
An organization that challenges commercialism and the "more is better" definition of the American dream.

Center for Digital Democracy
Learn what the issues and concerns are regarding the entrance into a digital media environment.

Center for Media Literacy
Educational programs and materials that promote critical thinking about the media.

Children's Media Project
CMP attempts to create an environment where artists, educators, community activists and children can interact with media both as creators and critical viewers.

Citizens' Campaign for Commercial-Free Schools
A Seattle-based nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring commercial-free education for Washington children and youth

Citizens for Media Literacy
A non-profit organization that aims to link media literacy with citizenship.

Do Something
A nationwide network of young people who know they can make a difference in their communities and take action to change the world around them.

FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting)
FAIR is a national media watch group that offers criticism of media bias and censorship.

For Girls and Their Dreams
A Web site connecting girls who share a commitment to helping and empowering others.

In The Mix
This Emmy-award winning PBS series explores topics such as: Violence in the Schools, Sports, Dating Violence, Politics: Action not Apathy, and Careers.

Just Think
A nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching young people literacy for the 21st century.

Listen Up!
Listen Up! is a national Youth Media Network that helps youth producers and their adult mentors exchange work, share ideas and learn from one another.

Media Education Foundation
A nonprofit educational organization devoted to media research and the production of resources to aid educators and others in fostering analytical media literacy.

Media Awareness Network
Provides Canadians and others with information and an environment in which they can share resources and support.

Media Literacy for Prevention
This site contains research, information and materials about media literacy and is intended to create a cultural revolution around media. It expresses the research and vision of Dr. Peter DeBenedittis.

Media Literacy Project
Renee Hobbs is a leading authority in media education with materials, workshops, and programs to bring media literacy to youth.

Media Literacy Online Project
An excellent source of online material related to media education. It is an effort by the Media Literacy Online Project to meet the informational needs of teachers.

A nonprofit, public interest Web site dedicated to global media issues. Resources include thematic special reports, action toolkits, forums for discussion, an indexed directory of affiliated groups and a search engine constituting the single largest online media-issues database.

A national nonprofit research and policy organization working to promote issues of social relevance within the entertainment industry.

METRO Magazine
The Flagship publication of the Australian Teachers of Media.

Methods of Manipulation in Ads
Lessons for teachers to use with students about the techniques advertisers use in ads.

National Telemedia Council
The NTC publishes Telemedium, The Journal of Media Literacy and holds workshops.

New Mexico Media Literacy Project
Lots of resources and research for media education.

New Moon Publication
New Moon Publishing produces media for every girl who wants her voice heard and her dreams taken seriously and for every adult who cares about girls.

Northwest Media Literacy Center
The Northwest Media Literacy Center is a group of teachers, health professionals, parents, students, journalists, filmmakers and others committed to advancing media literacy in Oregon and Washington.

Obligation, Inc.
An organization dedicated to reminding businesses and governments of their responsibility to children.

Reclaim the Media
Reclaim the Media is a coalition of independent journalists, media activists and community organizers in the Pacific Northwest, promoting press freedom and community media access.

Screen to Screen: Movie reviews for Parents
A husband and wife duo offer a heavily detailed look at popular entertainment kids might see, hear, rent, or buy.

Washington State's Media Literacy Classroom-Based Assessment Toolkits
Scroll down to the Communication section to find the media literacy information/section.

WireTap is an independent information source by and for socially conscious youth, showcasing investigative news articles, personal essays and opinions, artwork and activism resources that challenge stereotypes, inspire creativity, foster dialogue and give young people a voice in the media.

Young African-Americans Against Media Stereotypes (YAAAMS) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to scrutinize media coverage for fairness and accuracy.

FREE PRESS: media reform through outreach, activism, lobbying and networking.
Mediareform.Network works as a resource point for activists, including over 100 media reform organizations, daily updated news, action alerts, calendar, list serv, etc. On this website you will also find information regarding The Free Press Action Fund, which is a social welfare organization advocating for changes in public policy that will lead to a more diverse and public service-oriented media system. The Free Press Action Fund uses creative communications to link specific legislative proposals with aggressive field organizing to mobilize people to take action when it is most needed.

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