Here you will find the assignments and tasks needed to complete your SAT online course. Of course
since passing the SAT involves much more than just test taking skills, you will also develop much
more in here. For now, come on in and get started!


Instructors: Donna Bolima & Will Pirrie

This course is designed to facilitate critical thinking, writing, communication and basic technology
skills. Along the way, students will explore a variety of articles on society, culture and related issues.
They will also function as peer-facilitators and editors. During the first part of the course, students will
work in groups to present issues from selected readings. Assignments focus on helping students
develop critical thinking, research, leadership and writing skills. It will involve weekly reading, writing
response papers, research and article summaries. Enrollment is limited to UW Upward Bound

The second half of the course is designed to further facilitate reading, writing, critical thinking and
college prep skills. As UW Upward Bound students, it is expected that you will complete all the
work, projects and writing required. Furthermore, they will learn how to produce scholarship essays,
submit college applications and develop test taking strategies.