UW Student Film Contest

Student Film Contest 2019

For STEM Majors to blow off STEAM 

The 2nd UW Student Film Contest is now open to all STEM majors across the world with deep collaboration desired from arts/humanities majors. The contest is open to students of all levels (undergraduate to post-graduate). The screening of the award winning films will take place on campus sometime in Spring 2019. ATTRACTIVE CASH PRIZES AVAILABLE for winning films ($1000 or above). This is the perfect contest to take part in for STEM majors  who want to blow off STEAM through film making.  Interested parties should follow the steps on the right side of the page to get their teams registered and approved of their film plan. Film-making support (software, hardware, video editing) and instruction are available for UW majors. The deadline for registration of UW student film teams is September 15, 2018 to be eligible for free film-making support for the 2019 contest. Check the link ‘What is STEAM‘ and the films made by student teams in past contests.  Once teams are formed, the fun will begin on campus, just like the first contest in 2017.