UW Student Film Contest


The rules for participation:

  1. Each film making team must be registered and have approval of its film idea before the final submission
  2. No film can be longer than 5 minutes unless a special request is made (maximum film duration is 10 minutes for extra ordinary circumstances)
  3. Each film must address the topic of STEM and STEAM (with the ARTS)
  4. Each team must be led (directed or produced) by a STEM major (undergraduate to post-graduate level)
  5. Each film should encapsulate clear collaboration between the fields of STEM and Arts or Humanities.
  6. Films may not have any for-profit commercial or advertising objectives
  7. All UW rules and regulations apply
  8. Organizers as well as UW reserve the right to cancel a submission if content is deemed inappropriate
  9. By submitting the film for the contest, film making teams agree to allow UW and Film Organizers to screen it on campus or post it on its media publication