UW Student Film Contest


On this page we provide links to some resources, ideas and presentations that might help teams get started with their brainstorming of the film idea.

First, check out the presentation by UW Video made for the layman on basic issues – UWVideo

UW teams can check deWolfemusic.com  to search for theme specific soundtracks. UW Video has a bulk subscription to this site and licenses to many of the soundtracks can be purchased for UW teams who have already signed up for free film-making support.

Masterclasses – if a team really wants to step up its game, then masterclasses by renowned film makers (directors, scriptwriters) are worth taking. Most of them usually involve some fee to watch. We hope to bring a few masterclass on documentary making, video editing, script writing to UW teams for this contest sometime later in 2018

How to Tell Your Stories?

Take a look at this one page primer by CHIEF (a PR company) that advises NASA on how to communicate the science to the public.

If you want to make your visuals more compelling, then this detailed presentation by CHIEF is also useful.

Remember – the story is everything. If you don’t have a great and compelling story, nothing else will make your film successful (my opinion).

Good Examples of STEM Short Films:

Blue Carbon

Finding Your Path