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Collaboration: Using the WFI-4

The WFI-4 may only be used by approved collaborators of the Wraparound Evaluation and Research Team. In addition, collaborators must agree to meet the qualifications for use (see below).

Become a Collaborator

Sample Forms and Reports

Click here for a sample form of the WFI-4.

Click here for a sample evaluation report created using data collected via the WFI-4.

Qualifications for Use

The WFI was designed to be a fairly straightforward interview that could be used by any site interested in collecting fidelity information on wraparound implementation. It was also designed so it could be administered by interviewers of many types of backgrounds, including researchers, evaluators, family members, students, and even youths with adequate training and supervision. However, we have found that there can be critical differences in WFI-4 results depending on how it is administered. Therefore, we have established several criteria a community or program must meet before using the measure. In addition, we require that a user program or community employ a standardized procedure for training interviewers to criteria.

Click here for an overview of qualifications for WFI-4 use.

Fees For Use

In order to offset the costs of conducting reliability and validity studies; creating training materials; and managing the process of supporting collaborators, our Research Team must charge a fee for use of the WFI-4. We are asking new collaborator sites to agree to an initial one-time $1200 user's start-up fee, as well as an annual $1000 license fee. Collaborators with multiple sites that will want individual data reports and training toolkits will be asked to pay $350-500 annually for each additional sub-site (depending on size) or program after the first $1000 fee. Collaborators that renew their license annually will automatically receive new or revised WFI-4 support materials and unlimited access to the Online Data Entry and Reporting System.

A note for collaborators! Student collaborators or small programs for whom these fees represent a burden can request a reduction or waiver of fees. Just email us to discuss further.

Collaboration Steps

WFI-4 collaborators will receive access to the following materials:

  • The four WFI-4 respondent forms (Caregiver, Facilitator, Youth, and Team Member) plus Demographics form,
  • The WFI-4 User's Manual,
  • A WFI-4 training presentation in Power Point format,
  • The WFI-4 Interviewer Training Toolkit, and
  • Access to an online data reporting system

The WFI-4 Interviewer Training Toolkit includes six pre-recorded WFI-4 sample administrations. Each sample administration also includes a corresponding WFI-4 score sheet and scoring explanations. Collaborating sites are expected to use the Training Toolkit to expose prospective interviewers to multiple WFI-4 interviews and train them to score the WFI-4 accurately.

If you agree to the user qualifications and are interested in becoming a WFI-4 collaboration site, there are three steps for proceeding:

STEP ONE: Submit a request to use the WFI.

Selecting this link directs you to the University of Washington CoMotion's Express Licensing website. Click to download a pdf of the WFI-4 License Agreement. Please print and review this agreement, and if you agree to its terms, return to UW CoMotion at:

Express Licensing Program
UW CoMotion
4311 11th Avenue NE, Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98105-4608
Phone: (206) 543-3970
Fax: (206) 616-3322
Email: license@u.washington.edu

STEP TWO: After submitting this form, you will receive an invoice from CoMotion for the appropriate amount due to the University of Washington.

STEP THREE: After we have received payment, you will receive information from our research team on getting access to the WFI-4 materials. If your site needs materials before payment can be made, please email us at wrapeval@uw.edu.

If you have any questions about the process described above, please email us at wrapeval@uw.edu, or call Hattie Quick, MSW, at 206-616-5447. We look forward to hearing from you!