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Impact of Training and Technical Assitance

Because wraparound initiatives often involve a large-scale human resource development process, the NWI has developed and pilot tested a strategy for evaluating wraparound-related training, coaching, and technical assistance. The approach, provisionally called the Impact of Training and Technical Assistance (IOTTA), is implemented as a pair of web-based surveys. The first survey--used immediately after a training, coaching or TA event--assesses participants' perceptions of the extent to which the event met relevant training goals.

A second survey is to follow up two months later, and assesses actual usefulness, relevance to work activities, and impact. The online training evaluation allows for consistent and ongoing assessment of how well a multi-faceted training and coaching effort is being implemented, with the added benefit of allowing comparison to two types of benchmarks of quality:

  1. comparison to training and coaching with similar goals, and
  2. comparison to norms provided by a national (and/or state or local) sample of training efforts that have used the same methodology and evaluation items.

For more information on using the IOTTA, please contact us at wrapeval@uw.edu.