Wa Na Wari seeks Survey Administrator


Wa Na Wari is seeking a highly motivated, organized, community minded individual to join our Central Area Cultural Ecosystem for the 21st Century (CACE 21) organizing team. CACE 21 is our land use policy change organizing initiative. This work focuses on bringing together Black Central District homeowners and Black cultural workers to learn about and advocate for changes in land use policy. The goal is to create a land use policy environment that supports community responses to gentrification and displacement in the Central District. We want to help anchor Black homeowners by making it easier for them to adopt strategies like those used to create Wa Na Wari as a way of adapting to the challenges of land ownership in Seattle. Our goal is to create a cohort of Black homeowners and cultural workers who are community-based land use policy experts advocating for their own interests.

CACE 21 Survey Administrators play a vitally important role in the success of our long term organizing goals. We are starting with a survey of Black homeowners and cultural workers to better understand their experiences, challenges, needs and hopes for their family owned homes. It is a way for us to connect with Black homeowners and Black cultural workers to introduce them to our vision for this work and invite them to join our organizing cohort. It is also a way for us to collect up-to-date data on the state of Black homeownership in the Central District and access affordable spaces to work for cultural workers. The data from this survey will support the development and advocacy of our policy change proposals.

As a Survey Administrator your contribution helps us accomplish two important goals; gathering accurate research data and helping to build informed trusting relationships with our community members. Applicants should be prepared for extensive training on our systems for secure data collection and management, our processes for nurturing healthy relationships that will support our organizing work, and an adherence to ethical research practices. Given the public health restrictions due to COVID-19, a bulk of our training and team interactions will be via zoom. For the most part you will be conducting the survey remotely as well. You will be working as a team with other Survey Administrators so your fully engaged participation in our training and continuing education programs throughout the research phase is a requirement.

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