Registration deadline:  June 5, 2014
Cancellation deadline: June 15, 2014
Late registration deadline: August 1, 2014

Registration includes:

• Admission to all plenary and poster sessions
• Morning and afternoon coffee breaks
• Food at the Opening Mixer (UW Faculty Club)
• Food at the Evening at the Museum (Burke museum)
• Food at the Closing banquet (Deca Hotel)

Note: Registration does not include lunches and accommodations. For reservations, please go to Location page.

Registration Fees

Rate *

Before June 5, 2014:

After June 6, 2014










  *   non-AMQUA members will be assessed a $30 surcharge
**   AMQUA dues ($20/yr) can be paid at the AMQUA Membership site.

Student Travel Grant

Student AMQUA members who are presenting a poster or a paper at the 2014 AMQUA Biennial Meeting may apply for travel awards. Successful applicants will receive a maximum reimbursement of up to $300 each, based on funding. Checks will be issued following the meeting, upon submission of original receipts for eligible expenses associated with your travel to the meeting, such as room costs, registration fee, meals, airfare, and gas or mileage. Deadline for application is May 1, 2014. A letter request for a travel award and one copy of the abstract should be submitted to Dr. Colin Long via email:

Important: You must be an AMQUA member to be eligible, and you must also submit your abstract online as a part of the normal registration process. Awards will be announced by May 30, 2014.

Optional Registration Fees

Field Trips   (for descriptions, please visit Field Trips page.)

• Pre-Meeting trip 1: Whidbey Island
• Post-Meeting trip 1: Mt. St. Helens and Mima Mounds
• Post-Meeting trip 2: Hazardous Seattle

* Field trip to Olympic Peninsula canceled.

August 7, 2014
August 10, 2014
August 10, 2014


Guest Tickets

• Poster session 1:
• Poster session 2:
• Opening mixer:
• Evening at the Museum:
• Closing Banquet:


Cancellation policy

You can cancel the registration on or before June 15, 2014. The registrations made after June 15, 2014 considered late registration, and there will be no cancellation and no refunds. No refunds for on-site registrations.

Registrations after August 1, 2014 must be done on-site at the meeting.

We only accept personal checks during the on-site registration.