We are always excited to discuss possible opportunities for enthusiastic graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, undergraduate students, and visiting scientists to join our lab. Below is some information on general opportunities and current postings. Whether we are looking to fill a specific position, you have funding, or you just want to explore possibilities, please contact Dr. Harvey (bjharvey@uw.edu) if you are interested!

Graduate students:

Prospective graduate students should read about the process of earning a graduate degree and how funding works in the Harvey Lab at UW. If you are interested in pursuing a MS or PhD in the Harvey Lab, we’d love to hear from you!

****Current Opportunity**** Dr. Harvey is interested in accepting one student (MS or PhD) to join our lab and work on a project investigating insect outbreaks and their effects on subalpine forest trajectories in long-term research plots at Fraser Experimental Forest in Colorado. Fieldwork for this project will begin in summer 2018 and the student will enroll at UW in the Autumn 2018 term (application deadline of December 1, 2017). Applicants should have a strong background in ecology with some experience in field-based forest ecology research. If interested, please email bjharvey@uw.edu with a brief introductory message explaining your interest and relevant experience, and include a short CV, your undergraduate GPA/major (and MS GPA/major if applying as a PhD student), and GRE scores (if not available, your planned GRE test date).

Postdoctoral researchers and visiting scientists:

Please get in touch if you are interested in collaboratively developing a proposal for a research grant or fellowship. There are many opportunities out there, such as the Smith Fellowship for postdocs and Fulbright Scholars for international collaborators. Writing a proposal and funding your postdoctoral research is a fantastic way to increase your competitiveness on the job market!

Undergraduate students:

One of the most under-utilized aspects of undergraduate education at a top-tier research university like UW is taking advantage of the opportunity to do…. research! Yet, participating in mentored research as an undergrad is one of the absolute best ways to launch your career and life in directions you never dreamed possible. If you are interested in forest ecology and would like to learn about ways to join our lab group for undergraduate research experience, please contact Dr. Harvey (bjharvey@uw.edu). If you are an undergrad in SEFS, check out the Senior Capstone as a one possibility.