SEFS 501 – Forest Ecosystems: Community Ecology

Autumn Quarters (5 credits)
Forest Ecosystems: Community Ecology (SEFS 501) is a 5-credit graduate course designed to provide students with a foundation in ecological theory as well as a deep understanding of current topics in the field of forest ecology. We take two weekend-long field trips early in the semester where we explore forest ecosystems in Washington and collect data to be analyzed throughout the course of the quarter. Upon completion of the course, students should be well-prepared to develop their own research and contribute to advances in ecology.


ESRM 315 – Natural Resource Issues: Old-Growth Forest Ecology and Management

Spring Quarters (5 credits)
Natural Resource Issues: Old-Growth Forest Ecology and Management (ESRM 315) provides students with a solid foundation in the biology / ecology of Pacific Northwest forests – upon which to explore past and current resource-management, policy, and social aspects. We cover topics such as natural disturbance regimes, stand structural development, biodiversity, climate change, and policy/management that shapes forests across different ownership (e.g., Federal, state, private, and tribal lands). On two weekend-long field trips, we explore ecosystems from coastal temperate rainforests to inland frequent-fire woodlands. Open to majors and non-majors.