The 2020-2021 Harvey Lab in our modified habitat during the stay-at-home period of March 2020 through ???. Top row (L-R): Jenna, Brian, Madison; middle row (L-R): Hunter, Don, Michelle A.; bottom row (L-R): Liliana, Michele B.

The 2019-2020 Harvey Lab group at our winter lab retreat to San Juan Island. L-R: Brian, Denisse, Joaquin, Beau, Saba, Michele B, Madison, Jenna, Don, Michelle A. (photo credit: a friendly passer-by and Madison Laughlin for touch ups)


Harvey Lab Fall 2019 potluck. We broke the attendance record for lab potlucks at the Guerrero-Harvey House! Missing in action (Michelle Agne and Sarah Burrington).

Harvey Lab Field Crew – 2019. Sampling post-fire in the 2017 Norse Peak Fire, WA: (L-R) Don Radcliffe, Hiruni Jayasekera, Madison Laughlin, Michael McNorvell, Spencer Vieira, Hannah Wilson, Sarah Burrington.

Brian, Dan Donato, and Michelle A. eating lunch at Mount St. Helens, WA (photo credit: Alejandro Montanez).

2018-2019 Harvey Lab crew: (L-R) Brian Harvey, Jenna Morris, Michele Buonanduci, Saba Saberi, and Michelle Agne.


2018 Fraser Experimental Forest Crew at the end of a solid 2-month field season (Front row (L-R): Felicity Carroll; Jenna Morris; Michele Buonanduci; Nicole Lau. Back row (L-R): Doug McLain; Elliot Koontz; Sahale Reidel; Banning Starr; Thadeus Sternberg; Aileen Liu missing from photo: Arielle Link; Michelle Agne; Brian Harvey). Photo credit: Michele Buonanduci.

Having fun re-creating photos from the same locations from >80 years ago in the long-term plots at Fraser Experimental Forest.

Celebrating Jenna’s birthday in the field at Fraser Experimental Forest. Happy Birthday Jenna!

Yep, that’s right. A birthday cake in the form of the plot layout for Jenna’s MS project. Colored lines on the ground are all the transect tapes for each plot! Nice work crew (on the plots and the cake)!

Jenna, Michele B, Michelle A, and Brian – looking happy after finding all the original survey markers on the 1937 plots at Fraser Experimental Forest!

Michelle A, Saba, Joaquin, Denisse, and Brian at the inaugural Harvey Lab retreat (Whidbey Island 2018).

Happy Birthday to Michelle A (Feb 2018)!


The original Harvey Lab members (Michelle A, Saba, and Brian). (Fall 2017).