August 2010

The CHiLL lab presented 3 long papers and 1 short paper at the new ACM conference on Health Informatics in Washington, D.C. in early November. The four papers include:

  • Kientz, J.A. Understanding Parent-Pediatrician Interaction for the Design of Health Technologies.
  • Kientz, J.A. E.K. Choe, B. Birch, R. Maharaj, A. Fonville, C. Glasson and J. Mundt. Heuristic Evaluation of Persuasive Health Technologies.
  • Landry, B. E.K. Choe, S. McCutcheon, and J.A. Kientz. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Opportunities & Challenges for Computing Technology.
  • Fonville, A. E.K. Choe, S. Oldham, and J.A. Kientz. Exploring the Use of Technology in Healthcare Spaces and its Impact on Empathic Communication.

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