This site has been developed and is exclusively maintained by Samuel H Zinner, MD of the Division of Developmental Medicine and is supported in part through a LEND grant as well as voluntary contribution.  The purpose of this site is to assist individuals and families, healthcare providers, allied health professionals and educators in accessing reliable regional and web-based resources related to child, adolescent and family developmental & behavioral health. Great effort is made to ensure that all of the resources listed in this section are evidence-based and impartial, non-commercial, free-of-charge, culturally effective and unbiased, and professionally-refereed.  However, the University of Washington, Seattle Children's and any affiliates are not responsible for the contents of any of the websites linked to this reference database.  Dr. Zinner recommends that you evaluate web-based health resources and related health websites and this Medical Library Association carefully.

Abuse (alcohol, drug, violence, sexual, other)
Alcohol/Drug 24 Hour Help Line WA State Div of (Substance) Abuse confidential assistance & guidance
Camp Mariposa For kids 3rd-6th grades to provide support to cope with an addicted family member
Crisis Support Link to section on this website
Directories Link to section on this website for further referral
Division of Behavioral Health & Recovery Contracts w/11 Regional Support Networks for Medicaid-eligible persons
King County Sexual Assault Resource Center NOT LIMITED to sexual assault. Multiple supports for families, youth & professionals.
Report Abuse/Child Protective Services 24-hour hotline 1-866-ENDHARM or 1-866-363-4276, thru WA State DSHS
SAMA (Science And Management of Addictions) Resources & treatment options for adolescents w/substance addiction
YES (Youth Eastside Services) Multiple free & sliding-scale services for youth & families affected by all forms of abuse

Adolescence and Aging - Transition Planning
Aaron's Place (purpose) Established to meet the day-service needs of adults with disabilities
Adolescent Healthcare Transition Project Transition resources for adolescents with special needs
Affordable Colleges for Students with Disabilities Guide to college financing, schools, online options, jobs & more
Aging & Disability Services Administration (ADSA) DSHS branch for in-home care, residential care, respite and other
Alliance of People with DisAbilities In King Country; Youth transition groups (14-21 year-olds), training & referral
Americans w/Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) of 2008 Helps someone establish that s/he has an ADA disability (e.g., ADHD)
Autism Speaks: Transition Toolkit Guide for families to assist transition to adulthood
Bellevue College: OLS (Occupational & Life Skills) Associate degree for adults w/cognitive disabilities
Best Journey to Adulthood Very readable "how to" guide, with 6 themes. From CanChild 
Case Management Division of Developmental Disabilities; Also provides other transition supports
CARES of WA (Ctr for Administering Rehabilitation & Employment Services) Job opportunity & support to Puget Sound people w/disability
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation & Video: "Employ Your Abilities" WA State Dept of Social & Health Services
DO-IT For teens w/disability who have interests in sciences. Summer pgm; equipment loan; online support.
Employment Services - Northwest Center for King County & Spokane County adults w/disabilities (training, support, placement)
Employment Training Program Univ. of Washington program for adults 18 and older w/disability. Helps find & keep jobs.
Going from Tween 2 Teen Guide for "tweens" from WA State Dept of Health
Guidance & Career Counselors' Toolkit: Advising High School Students w/Disabilities on Post-secondary Options HEATH
Guide for College & University Students: Rights of Students w/Disabilities in Higher Education 2002-Disability Rights CA
Healthy & Ready to Work National website with tools for adolescents and providers
HEATH National Youth Transitions Resource Center Post-secondary education
Lifespan Transitions Center: OCALI Ohio Ctr for Autism; Transition to adulthood info w/videos, checklists, etc
National Center on Secondary Education and Transition Resources & technical help to youth with disabilities
National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Ctr: Students & Families US Dept of Education
Navigating College: Handbook on Self-Advocacy Directed to adults w/Autism. Not professionally-refereed.
Navigating Your Way -Video: thru IFBT, describes transition in WA State for ages 16-21, 21-40, and over 40 years
Northwest Center Teens Recreation & summer programs for greater Seattle area adolescents 12 - 21 of all ability
Northwest's Child (purpose) Day programs for children & adults w/moderate-to-severe developmental disabilities
Planning for a Healthy Transition Guide for families from WA State Dept of Health
Post-secondary Education & American w/Disabilities Act + Section 504 PACER Center guidance
Post-secondary Education - Students w/Disabilities Office for Civil Rights
Post-secondary Education - Transition of Students w/Disabilities US Dept of Education
PROVAIL Multi-service WA State agency for life opportunities for people with all types of disability
Reasonable Accommodations for People with Psychiatric Disabilities Boston U. guide for school & work
Self-advocacy transition toolkit for teens w/disability: Video By Utah State Univ.  Free DVD
Tavon Center Connects young adults w/disabilities to community, nature & vocations thru horticulture
Think College Post-secondary education for people with intellectual disabilities
Transition Care Program (TCP) 2015 brochure University of Washington Med. Ctr. "Pediatric-to-Adult"
Transition from School to Supported Employment - Info for Parents UW Dept of Rehab. Med: Employment Training Program
Transition to College College options for students w/intellectual disabilities (PERC program)
Washington State Medical Home - Transitions Guides for Washington State adolescents
We Connect Now Note: Not professionally-refereed; Unites college students w/disability to education & jobs
Wright's Law Many resources/information
Your Future, Your Life Guide for young adults from WA State Dept of Health
Your Life, Your Health, Your Way Guide for teens from WA State Dept of Health
Youth At Work Summer jobs for Seattle area youth up to age 25 years
Youthhood For adolescents to help plan life (work, home, school, etc.)

Adoption & Foster Parenting
Adoption Exchange Association Resources for families and child welfare agencies
Adoption Institute/Evan B. Donaldson
National advocacy agency to improve policy and practice
Center for Adoption Medicine University of Washington site for medical and developmental issues
Children's Home Society Multi-service WA State organization for family support & therapy services (free or low-cost)
Foster Parenting (DSHS site) WA State resources for foster, relative and pre-adopt caregivers
Healthy Foster Care America American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statements & guidelines
National Adoption Center Public awareness, recruitment, info and referral
National Adoption Information Clearinghouse ("Child Welfare Information Gateway") One-stop support by US Dep't HHS
National Foster Parent Association Services, training & support at state and local levels
National Resource Ctr for Special Needs Adoption ("Spaulding for Children") Foster/Adoption agency for kids in Child Welfare system
N. American Council on Adoptable Children U.S./Canada; Finds permanent families for kids in foster care &/or w/special needs

Advocacy & Legal
Columbia Legal Services Non-profit law firm representing legal & human rights of WA State low-income people
Dignity in Schools Resources to prevent students from being "pushed out" of school for discipline concerns
Disability Rights Washington WA Protection & Advocacy System, protects WA residents w/disability
Education Advocacy Manual (Team Child) A program to help WA State youth in trouble
FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education) Info on IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)
Informing Families, Building Trust WA State Developmental Disabilities Council; Videos; "Where to Start"; Note: Includes blogs
KASA (Kids as Self Advocates) Networking & self-advocacy organization for youth w/disability (thru Family Voices)
Legal Voice  Free legal & practical info for women & men who can't afford attorneys, for legal problems that threaten health, safety & families.
Northwest Justice Project Free legal services to WA state people w/low-income
Office of the Education Ombudsman WA State gov't resource to support parents' awareness & advocacy for educational rights
PACER Center (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) Parent info for youth w/disability 0 - 21 years
PAVE (Partnerships for Action - Voices for Empowerment) WA State parent-directed services to help families of youth w/disability
People First of WA NOTE: Not professionally refereed; Self-advocacy group by/ for people w/developmental & other disability
Social Programs That Work Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy; Identifies proven interventions in education, mental health, etc.
Special Education Support Center WA State OSPI-sponsored (may have available volunteer to come to IEP)
TASH International association with resources and support for people with disabilities
Team Child - Advocacy For Youth Agency to divert juveniles from delinquency or other trouble
Toolkit on Communicating with schools/teachers Ctr for the Education & Study of Diverse Populations
Washington Law Help For low-income people to find solutions to civil legal problems
Washington Medical-Legal Partnership Medical providers, social workers & lawyers address legal & health needs of vulnerable families
Wright's Law Legal information about special education law, education law, and rights for people with disabilities

Alcohol Abuse and Dependence

Anxiety & Depression
Anxiety and Depression Association of America Clinical & scientific organization (for youth, adults & families)
Anxiety Disorders Treatment Center University N. Carolina site. Includes video presentations.
Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Mostly adult-focused, w/useful info on CBT, diagnosis & management
Child & Adolescent Therapies: Anxiety Disorders Info from the Seattle Anxiety & Stress Reduction Ctr
Child Anxiety Network Info about child & adolescent anxiety disorders and resource support
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Description of CBT
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy NACBT brief description of CBT
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Description by the Royal College of Psychiatrists (Britain)
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Brief Therapist's Guide Dep't of Veterans Affairs compilation of CBT skills (basic steps)
Groups for Kids & Adolescents Seattle Children's Dep't of Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine programs
International OCD Foundation Clinical & scientific organization (for youth, adults & families)
Selective Mutism Foundation Non-profit with professional advisory board
Selective Mutism Group Part of Child Anxiety Network
Worksheets A variety of tools for various anxiety & mood disorders, from TreatmentsThatWork™ series
Youth Suicide Prevention Program Non-profit of UW & Dep't of Health, offering services to youth, peers, family, others

Assistive Technologies
AbleData Objective info about assistive technology products & rehab equipment; Domestic & international
Apps recommended by Georgia Tech "Tools for Life"; Search cost-free downloadable Assitive Tech apps
Assistive Technology Tools and Guides Schwab
Augmentative and Alternative Communication Info and resources
Bridging Apps Apps for mobile devices; there are fees, but funding support sources is included here
Special Education Technology Ctr. Assists w/special technology needs for special ed. students; Includes videos
WA Assistive Technology Act Program Help to obtain technology for jobs, education & independent living
WebAIM (Accessibility In Mind) Resources to make internet content accessible to people w/disabilities

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Additude Magazine Multi-resource site for ADHD and learning disorders
Attention Deficit Disorder Association Info, resources & networking for adults with ADHD
ADHD - A Guide for Families & Video AACAP resource
ADHD Tools American Academy of Pediatrics tools
Books for parents on ADHD Popular consumer-oriented books written by professionals
Cartoon "29 Things Only People w/ADHD Understand", by Katy Rollins, reviewed by George Krucik, MD
CHADD: National -  The nation's largest advoacy, info & resource agency on ADHD
CHADD: Videos Professional and testimonial info on ADHD
CHADD: Eastside chapter Seattle area/ Eastside chapter of the national organization
CHADD: South King County chapter Seattle area / South King County chapter of the national organization
Coaching in ADHD & Executive functions Edge Foundation; Non-profit; fee-based, but financial support case-by-case
College Success & ADHD Edge Foundation's guidelines
EEG for ADHD diagnosis Commentary from CHADD about NEBA EEG device
Executive Functions in college: Video By "Director of Student Success" for college students w/ADHD
Medication Chart Stimulant & non-stimulant dosing and costs (prepared by Dr. Powell)
Medication Guide Photo guide of all approved ADHD Meds (guide by N. Shore Long Island Jewish)
National Institute of Mental Health - ADHD The NIH branch with info to consumers on ADHD
National Resource Center on ADHD CHADD-sponsored clearinghouse for science-based info about ADHD

Autism and Asperger Syndrome
ADEPT (Autism Distance Education Parent Training) MIND Institute online parent modules to teach functional skills to kids w/ASD
Adults - Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center Year-round classes on health, recreation, life skills
Adults on the Autism Spectrum Non-refereed site linking to WA state & national resources (social, work, etc.)
Advantages to autism, ADHD & dyslexia General interest (non-scientific) article from The Economist, suggesting possible advantages
Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Access Guide for WA State families on finding ABA
Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Providers who accept Medicaid Valid as of Oct 9, 2014 (SCH Autism Ctr)
Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) & related resources Directory SCH Autism Center; Aug 2014 version
Asperger Syndrome Support - Seattle Non-professionally refereed regional support groups via Yahoo
Association for Science in Autism Treatment Background & recommendations on current treatments
Autism After 16 Not professionally-refereed. Guidance on transition to adulthood from professionals & parents.
Autism Awareness Project WA State Dept of Health site for parents & others.  Includes resources, guidebook, services directory
Autism Blog Seattle Children's Autism Center; professionals provide info about raising a child w/autism
Autism Center Website for University of Washington Autism Center. Provides facts & resources
Autism - espanol FriendshipCircle Blog (not professionally-refereed); Spanish-language autism resources
Autism Guidebook for Washington State Governor-appointed group. Printable.  A "how to" at all life stages [2008].
Autism Information Center CDC general info site for parents & professionals
Autism Internet Modules From OCALI, features multi-topic expert videos with pre- & post-module assessments
Autism Medications Brochure for Parents U.W. Autism Center brochure. Printable and interactive.
Autism Navigator Tool to assist early identification of autism. Available in 2014. Video description here.
Autism Outreach Project Free regional lending library & other services on 'best practices'
Autism Practice Guideline N.Y. State Early Intervention guidelines
Autism Science Foundation Research & info; Genetics emphasis; Endorses routine vaccinations.
Autism Society of America National organization with professional Board, provides education, advocacy, research
Autism Society of Washington Washington State resources and support groups
Autism Speaks The nation's largest autism advocacy organization, with many useful resources
Autism Speaks "Video Glossary": Videos video clips showing subtle 'red flags' for autism
Boy with Asperger: Video 4-minute cartoon of 12-year-old boy interviewing his mother about his Asperger syndrome
Communication Milestones (birth-to-2 years): Video Lisa Shulman, MD shows typical social, language & communication effort
Detect Autism Early: Interactive Tools for Parents CDC parent tools to watch for & record milestones
ESIT Autism Resources (Formerly "ITEIP") Links to Early Intervention-suggested resources
FEAT (Families for Effective Autism Treatment) of WA For families & teachers of children with autism 
First 100 Days Kit y (Manual de los 100 Dias) Family-directed kit from Autism Speaks for newly diagnosed
First Signs For parents & professionals to help identify early signs of autism
Genetics of Autism: Videos Several videos (brief and long); various professionals (Matthew State, Eric Courchesne, etc.)
Healing Thresholds: List of therapies Alternative treatments: descriptions & evidence. Note: Advertisements & unscreened service providers
Interacting With Autism Videos A video-based resource, w/brief discussions, examples, other. US gov't sponsored/AHRQ
Manitas Por Autismo Una organización sin fines de lucro que trabaja para brindar información sobre el autismo
My Next Steps - A Parent's Guide to Understanding Autism: Video U.W. Autism Center experts provide overview
National Autism Center Best-practices info. Sponsored by May Institute (center for evidence-based practice)
National Institute of Mental Health - Autism NIH website with general autism info and guidelines
Rethink Autism Brief step-by-step description & videos (evaluation, management & "tip of the week").
Research Autism British organization dedicated to evidence-based research on autism interventions
Ryther Programs for autism evaluation, social skills development & other services
Social Situations - Personalized Stories Templates By UW Autism Ctr & Autism Speaks. Uses PowerPoint.
Social Skills Link to Social Skills resources on this website
TEACCH Nationally recognized autism program based at University of North Carolina
Teaching Methodologies:
The following links provide brief descriptions of common non-medicine treatments, including: ABA, RDI, DTT, PRT and others.

Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy Financial aid, advocacy & other resources for families
Yale Child Study Center
Frequently asked questions about Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Bereavement and Loss
Babyloss For families who have lost a baby at any stage: pregnancy, at birth, or neonatal
Camp Erin Free bereavement camp of the Moyer Foundation for kids 6-17 who've experienced death of a loved one
Child Grief Grief education & support to bereaved children, families & professionals through outreach & training
Children and Grief General info from American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Compassionate Friends: Supporting Family After a Child Dies Evidence-oriented (note: no professional board)
I'm Gonna Miss You, Mr. Hooper! Video Sesame Street clip with Big Bird coming to terms with loss
Journey Program Seattle Children's program for families who have experienced death of a child.
M.I.S.S. Foundation: When a Child Dies Non-profit, evidence-based agency for families. Regional support groups.
Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance Non-profit evidence-based agency for families

Bipolar Disorder
Balanced Mind Foundation Parent-led w/professional advisory board.  Resources & referral.
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Patient-directed w/prof. advisory board (child, teen & adult support)
Resources Suggested by AACAP (2005) Recommended readings and other resources

Blindness & Vision
American Foundation for the Blind Technology, professional tools & independent living.  Helen Keller Archives.
Blind Children's Center Los Angeles-based organization w/support for all children with visual impairment
Dep't of Services for the Blind WA State; serves kids, youth & adults who are blind or have low vision
InfantSEE Public Health program for infants for free-of-cost vision screening [Tel: 888-396-EYES (3937)]
National Federation of the Blind of WA State Advocacy, technology, programs for independence. Multiple sites
National Library Service for Blind & Physically Handicapped Lends recorded, large print & braille materials
WA State Hands & Voices NOTE: Not professionally refereed; Supports families w/children who are blind and/or deaf
WA Sensory Disabilities Services Supports development & learning of hearing- or vision-impaired children 0 to 21

Brain Injury
LEARNet Problem-Solving System Brain Injury Assn of NY.  Videos, tutorials to address learning, behavior & medical care.

Bullies 2 Buddies  Not peer-reviewed. School psychologist promoting Rational Emotive Therapy & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
Bullying Overview: Video Presented by PACER at TSA national meeting. (41 minutes)
Bullying Interventions for school districts  Guidelines of Dan Olweus (pioneering researcher)
Eyes On Bullying Multi-media resource, with toolkit, by developmental experts.
Kids Against Bullying - PACER Center Multi-media resources
Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Description and contact info for schools
Safe Schools Coalition An international public-private partnership to make schools safe for LBGTQ youth
School Safety Center of WA State OSPI site on multiple issues regarding school safety
Special Needs: Anti-Bullying Toolkit The Bully Project, w/videos & other resources for families
Stop Bullying Health Resources & Services Admin multi-media tools for families/kids
Teens Against Bullying Part of PACER Center's program, directed exclusively to teens

Cerebral Palsy
American Academy for Cerebral Palsy & Developmental Medicine For professionals. Education & advocacy
Australasian Academy of CP & Developmental Medicine Mostly for professionals. Good hip dislocation info + video
CanChild Centre - Cerebral Palsy and other disability For families & professionals. Education & advocacy
Critical Elements of Care - Cerebral Palsy For professionals; Seattle Children's Ctr for Children w/Special Needs (2011)
Graphs on screening algorithms, co-occurring conditions & clinical outcomes From review article, 2014
Reaching for the Stars Advocacy, education and research grassroots organization
WE MOVE (Worldwide Education & Awareness for Movement Disorders) Education & management on CP & other disorders

Child Care
Child Care AwareTools for child care providers & families
National Resource Center for Health & Safety in Child Care & Early Education "Caring for Our Children" publication of standards
WA State Dep't of Early Learning: Child Care & Preschool Options Services to prepare kids for care & kindergarten

Complementary and Alternative Healthcare
CLIA Labs & Direct Access Testing Clinical labs regulations, including direct-to-consumer labs
"Clinical Evidence"
 British Medical Assn. Evidence-based info aimed to enhance informed decision-making
Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine Academic biomed + intrinsic healing
Consumer Labs Information on standardized dietary supplements
Dietary Supplements FDA Information
Index of Alternative Therapies and Modalities Harvard Medical School/Aetna
JCAHO Guidelines on inquiring about and documenting supplements
Lab Accreditation College of American Pathologists guidelines to determine lab accreditation
Longwood Herbal Task Force Boston Children's Hospital: info on herbal and other subtances, consumer handouts
Medical Home Complementary/alternative med. online resource links 
MedlinePlus - Complementary & Alternative Medicine NIH National Library of Medicine; Big database
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine An NIH agency
Nat'l Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Med. Recognized standards of competence & safety
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Evidence-based effectiveness, safety & interactions info
Natural Standard Databases by: Supplement; Medical Condition; Interactions
New Medicine PBS program and resources
Office of Dietary Supplements An NIH agency
Pseudoscientific Therapies: Some Warning Signs Guidelines from Ass'n for Science in Autism Treatment
Quackwatch National Council Against Health Fraud affiliate
Research design standard: Description of good-quality research NYU explanation
Seattle Children's Hospital Complementary/Alternative; Wellness, Acupuncture, Pain Management Program
Section on Complementary & Integrative Medicine AAP site; For professionals, but OK for consumers
10 Things to Know About Evaluating Medical Resources on the Web Guide from the NIH (NCCAM)

Crisis Support
Behavior Support Team (BeST) For King County parents of kids 3-17 years w/disability. 1-800-318-KIDS (1-800-318-5437)
Children's Crisis Outreach Response System (CCORS) King County DCHS. Families of youth (to 18 years) in crisis [family conflict, behavioral problems or imminent removal risk]
Crisis Clinic (King County) Phone & online services for King County people in emotional distress in need of help
Institute for Family Development HOMEBUILDERS Pgm [WA State & Portland] in-home services
Nat'l Child Traumatic Stress Network U.S. DHHS site for families & professionals. Culturally sensitive info on all trauma/stress types
Need Help Now Service of YES (Youth Eastside Services) with hotlines & referral
Report Abuse/Child Protective Services 24-hour hotline 1-866-ENDHARM or 1-866-363-4276
Washington State Mental Health Crisis Lines Listed by County; Dept of Social & Health Services

Cultural (diverse cultures & languages)
Asian Counseling & Referral Services Human services & behavioral health to King County Asian Pacific Americans
CHAP - Community Health Access Program King County cultural health & social services
Indian: Seattle Indian Health Board American Indians & Alaskan Natives services
Latino: El Centro de la Raza Advocacy, Child/Youth programs [after-school, college readiness, other)
Latino: SeaMar Community Health Ctrs/Clinica de la Comunidad Medical, dental, social & other services
Multi-cultural: Access for Autistic Youth King County autism info in several languages
Multi-cultural: Cultural resources for people with special needs in King County Directory. Multiple cultures
Multi-cultural: EthnoMed Health/social resources for Seattle immigrants & refugees
Multi-cultural: National Ctr for Cultural Competence Support for professionals
Multi-cultural: Neighborhood House Low-income immigrants: jobs, transportation, HIV education, Head Start
Multi-cultural: ReWA (Refugee Women's Alliance) Supports to refugee/immigrant woman/families (parenting, dev't disabilities, violence, etc.)
Open Doors for Multicultural Families Ensures equal access to culturally & linguistically appropriate info, resources, services for people w/disability
Spanish: Centro Nacional de Recursos sobre TDA/H (ADHD) Déficit de Atención e Hiperactividad
Spanish: Consejo Counseling & Referral Behavioral health, substance abuse & domestic violence
Spanish: Recursos en Espanol Padres Seattle Children's multiple topics for parents en espanol
Spanish: El Centro Nacional de Iniciativas de Hogar Médico para Niños con Necesidades Especiales AAP

Alexander Graham Bell Assn for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Info & resources to improve communication
American Society for Deaf Children Advocacy organization affiliated w/accredited schools & organizations
Childhood Communication Center & Hearing Loss Clinic: Seattle Children's multi-disciplinary services
Learning Disability, ADHD & Deafness R.I.T. Nat'l Tech Institute for the Deaf resource for educators, parents & deaf community
John Tracy Clinic & espanol: Offers distance learning (English/espanol) for caregivers of kids birth-5 years
National Cued Speech Assn Organiziation w/info about this visual communication system
Nat'l Inst. on Deafness & Other Communication Disorders NIH agency. Prevention & management for all ages.
Office of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Serves people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, or w/speech disability
WA State Hands & Voices NOTE: Not professionally refereed; Supports families w/children who are deaf and/or blind
WA School for the Deaf Offers statewide services to families, students & teachers
WA Sensory Disabilities Services Supports development & learning of hearing- or vision-impaired children 0 to 21
World Deaf Info Resource Project Gallaudet University-sponsored; for worldwide deaf-related resources 

Access to Baby and Child Dentistry Dental care for King County children w/Medicaid coupons
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Nat'l organization w/resources & supports on child dental care
Dentists Providing Care to Patients w/Developmental or Acquired Special Needs WA State Dental Assn
Kids Get Care King County dental program regardless of insurance status
Special Needs & Dental Care UW dental school site w/disorder-specific concerns (e.g., Autism)
Within Reach & Video Connects WA State families to free or low-cost health & dental

Database Resources on Developmental Pediatrics (Well-child and Children/Youth with Disability)
Autism Center (Seattle Children's) Resource Directory August 2014 version; a variety of categories
Center for Children with Special Needs Seattle Children's - disability resources
Child & Family Web Guide Tufts University info: family/parenting, learning & much more
Children with Special Health Care Needs Program WA State DOH: access to programs & services
Community Connections ARC guide for King County people w/developmental disabilities
County-specific resources for kids w/special needs Resources for WA State kids w/special needs
Disability Resources - WA State Disabilities Resources Monthly guide; multiple topics Federal website with wide array of disability-related topics relevant to children & adults
Family Village - A Global Community of Disability Related Resources Many online resources.
King County: Public Health Directory Health protection & promotion for youth, people w/special needs, all
Maternal and Child Health Library Maternal & Child Health Bureau resources database for families & professionals
National Dissemination Ctr for Children w/Disabilities (English/espanol) NICHCY: Effective disability rights
Neurodevelopmental Toolkit - Patient & Family Education Seattle Children's Hospital resource
Pierce County Coalition for Developmental Disabilities Resource guides, referrals, trainings, other
Resource Directory: Neurodevelopment Seattle Children's Hospital weblinks (by category)
Resource Directory: Special Needs Cincinnati Children's Hospital - resources on multiple topics
Washington Connection State of WA site; Identifies online Local, State & Federal programs/services you qualify for
Washington Information Network 2-1-1 Multi-topic resources by county
WithinReach & Video "Essential resources for family health" - formerly WA State Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies
Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities WrightsLaw: educational consultants, psychologists, tutors, attorneys, etc

Down Syndrome
Down syndrome: Health Issues NOTE: Not refereed, but created by physician/father of child w/Down synd.
Down Syndrome Community Western Washington State non-profit parent-based
Down Syndrome Research Foundation
Canadian organization w/Medical/Healthcare, educational & other
Down Syndrome Test Prenatal Testing Pamphlet from National Down Syndrome Congress
Medical Monitoring Guidelines
2011 updated AAP guidelines for practitioners
National Down Syndrome Society Includes Medical/Healthcare, educational, advocacy & other

Drug Abuse and Dependence

Child Development Institute: About Dyslexia & Phonemic Awareness U.C. Irvine faculty & others
Get Ready To Read
 Early childhood screening and activities
International Dyslexia Association Info & support for people w/dyslexia & other language-based difficulty
WABIDA  WA State branch of the International Dyslexia Ass'n
Yale Ctr for Dyslexia & Creativity Interactive, illustrated and colorful site by Dr. Shaywitz

Early Intervention
Child Find National IDEA program requiring states to locate, identify, refer young kids w/special needs
Early Intervention: King County Developmental Disabilities Division, Dep't of Community & Human Services
Early Intervention: Video WA State 3-minute video telling parents if and how to refer for evaluation
Early Intervention (ESIT) Early Support for Infants & Toddlers - WA State Early Intervention
Family Resource Coordinator (FRC) By WA State county, FRC finds resources for eligible kids 0-to-3 years
Help for Babies (0 to 3) NICHCY resource en espanol with Early Intervention overview, writing plans, etc.
IFSP - How to write it NICHCY explanation of the Individualized Family Service Plan
IFSP: Video King County video featuring families & experts to explain IFSP
National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Ctr NECTAC finds resources for infants & toddlers w/disability in all 50 states
Zero To Three For families & professionals to promote healthy infant, toddler & family development

Eating Disorders

Education - Special
I.D.E.A. (2004) - A Training Curriculum y espanol Construyendo el Legado Basics on special education law
I.D.E.I.A. (2005) - Wright's Law links Info on most recent version of IDEA
I.D.E.I.A. (2005) - update to I.D.E.A. Info on most recent version of IDEA
Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) VIDEO 31 minutes; Some info is specific to State of PA
Office of Superintendant of Public Education (OSPI) - Special Ed. WA State main website; includes overview for families
OSEP-reviewed updates on I.D.E.I.A. (2005) Office of Special Education Programs
Overview - Special Education process Audio Tourette Synd. Ass'n guidance for parents on FAPE, IDEA, advocacy etc.
Regional Resource & Federal Center Network Fed. Office of Special Ed. Pgms.  Consultation. info, technical help.
Response To Intervention (RTI) OSPI; School-based prevention system to ↑ achievement & ↓ behavior problems
Schools: Non-public - Special Education Index (thru OSPI) for WA State non-public schools w/special ed.
Schools: Public - Special Education Webpage for Seattle public schools special ed.
Section 504 Technically, not special education. This Wright's Law site explains 504.
Special Education Guide Multiple useful resources [e.g., Response To Intervention (RTI), IEP, IDEA]. Not peer-reviewed
Special Education Support Center WA State OSPI-sponsored program for families, educators, students, others
Tool Kit on Teaching and Assessing Students with Disabilities (2007) [OSEP] For parents

Education - General
ABC For Fitness Teacher Manual (classroom exercise for elementary kids; David Katz, MD - Yale)
Education World Lesson planning, professional development, school issues
ERIC Clearinghouse database Education Resources Information Center
Grade Retention and Social Promotion Policy statement of the Nat'l Assn of School Psychologists
Homework tips From Sydney Zentall's & Sam Goldstein's book, "7 Steps to Homework Success"
School-readiness related websites
School-readiness: Getting Ready Indicators of well-being to determine what readiness means
What Works Clearinghouse U.S. Dept of Education database of scientific evidence for education 

Elimination Problems (bowel and bladder)
Chronic Constipation and Encopresis in Children University of Virginia tutorial for families
Encopresis Treatment Center Nurse-based program in Edmonds for kid w/functional encopresis, toilet training & severe constipation
UCanPoopToo Interactive program for children and their families in managing encopresis. NIH-funded

Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Preparedness for Children with Special Needs Seattle Children's website
Emergency/Disaster Preparedness: Multiple languages King County Public Health
Four Steps to Prepare Your Family for Disasters American Academy of Pediatrics
"Ready" - (English/espanol): Videos Emergencies including for children w/special needs. Homeland Security

Employment - People with Disability

Environmental Health
Agency for Toxic Substance & Disease English y espanol; U.S. DHHS w/mission to provide trusted health info related to toxic substances
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Washington State Dept of Health
Children's Health Protection Environmental Protection Agency site, search environmental hazards
Home Safety Checklists Multiple topics/checklists for parents.  From "KidsHealth"
Household Products Database NIH site for consumers on safety & handling
Northwest Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit How to protect kids from risks, & find a specialist
Toxipedia Aims to inform on evidence-based environmental factors. Non-profit & academician-reviewed, but not affiliated

Face Blindness (prosopagnosia)
Face Blind Prosopagnosia Research Center (Harvard & U. College London collaborative)
Let's Face It Yale & UBC site to help kids w/autism learn face & emotion recognition
Prosopagnosia Research Center: Face recognition tests Test yourself (Harvard & U. College London research exercise)

Family Preservation
PACT (Parents And Children Together) Prevention. In-home counseling, skill building, support to at-risk homes

Fathers Network (English y espanol) program of WA State DOH: Office of Children w/Special Healthcare Needs

Financial Help
Apple Health for Kids Formerly SCHIP, for youth in homes w/incomes 2 to 2.5 times poverty level. Tel (800) 562-3022
Basic Food Monthly benefits to help low-income individuals & families buy food
Catalyst Center National (US gov't) center to improve health care coverage & financing for kids w/special health care needs
CHAP - Community Health Access Program King County pgm w/culturally appropriate health & social services
Dept of Social & Health Services (DSHS) WA State social support agency. Services listed by topic.
Family to Family Health Information Center Family Voices service; Info on insurance and advocacy
First Place & Video Housing, education & nurturing to children of homeless & at-risk families to enable permanent stability.
Food Lifeline WA State food pantries, food banks & hot meal programs. Search by type or location
Homechoice Program WA State Housing Finance Comm. Down payment help to people w/disability for home purchase
Hope-Link Housing, shelters, family dev't services for families w/homelessness in East & North King County
King County Children's Health Initiative Free/Low-cost health insurance, doctor, dentists for King County youth
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) WA State Dep't of Commerce; Helps keep heat on.
Partnership for Prescription Assistance  Free/Low-cost medication opportunities via PHRMA
Pathways database Financial support for families of children & youth w/special needs
Prescription Drug Program Provides assistance to obtain drug coverage; WA State Health Care Authority
Seattle (City gov't) Children & Families Human Services Dep't Support for family, preschool, childcare, after-school & nutrition
Summer Food Service Program ("Summer Sack Lunch") Meals for summer nutrition to Seattle-area kids
Summer Food - Kids Cafe Part of Food Lifeline. Nutrition/Meals available for WA State kids during summer months
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Social Security benefits to children & adults w/disability
Washington Access Fund Low-interest loans for assistive technology device or service, or vehicle & home modifications
WithinReach Connects families w/free or low-cost insurance, food, parenting & other social & health programs

Foster Parenting

Genetics (Disorders & General Education for Families)
Centre for Genetics Education Australian site for families. Includes glossary, facts sheet, etc.
DNA From The Beginning Interactive site from Dolan DNA Learning Ctr for teens & adults
DNA Workshop Interactive activity from PBS to learn about DNA replication & protein synthesis
Gene Almanac Site for adults from Dolan DNA Learning Ctr. Multi-media programs on genetics
Genetics & Genomics for Patients & the Public NIH site: Genetic disorders, genome science, create a family history, etc.
Genetics Home Reference: Your Guide to Understanding Genetic Conditions US Nat'l Library of Med.: Disorders, Genes, Glossary, Resources
Glossary - Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms NIH resource, includes spoken explanations of each term
Pediatric Genetics CDC site for families & health care providers
Unique: Rare Chromosome Disorders Support Group Non-refereed but pledges to provide only evidence-based info. Education & support
What are Genes? Site for kids from non-refereed site, w/creative activities to learn about genes
Who, What, How & Whys of Genetic Testing Answers for parents of children w/Autism; Autism Consortium

Girls, Inc. Nat'l organization w/WA State chapters. Promotes activities to inspire underserved girls

Kinship Care Financial, legal & emotional resources for people raising a relative's child. WA State DSHS
Relatives as Parents Resource guide from WA State DSHS

Home & Virtual schools
Home School Legal Defense Association NOTE: Religious-based, but asserts homeschool freedom
Home-Based Instruction in WA State OSPI site for technical assistance to parents & school districts
Pink Book Washington State's laws regulating home-based instruction
Washington Virtual Academies For WA State home-schooled students K-12, via Internet public schools

Intellectual Disabilities (formerly "Mental Retardation")
The ARC Array of services & support for families & individuals w/intellectual & developmental disabilities
The Arc of King County King County chapter of The ARC
The Arc of Washington State WA State chapter The ARC

Laboratory Testing
Lab Tests Online Consumer site to understand specific lab tests and determine lab accreditation

Language and Speech
Augmentative & Alternative Communication Enhance communication in non-verbal or related disability

Learning and Learning Disabilities
All Kinds of Minds Principles of Pediatrician Mel Levine. Help students w/learning struggles succeed
Executive Functions Description of Processing Speed & Working Memory (LDA)
Executive Functions Article describing fundamentals (LD Online)
Executive Functions: VIDEO Features Adele Diamond, PhD (17 minutes)
Great Schools: Learning Difficulties Info on learning disabilities for parents
"Inspiration" for visual learning support  Note: Commercial software for sale
LD Navigator Tool from NCLD for pediatric primary care provider in working w/patients who have LD
LEARNet Problem-based consideration of sources of learning & behavioral challenge; Brain Injury Assoc. of NY
Learning Disabilities Assn of America Supports for children w/learning disability & their educators
Learning Disabilities Online y espanol; Info & resources, including ADHD
Learning Zone (Child Development Institute) Learning styles, Learning disabilities - U.C. Irvine & others
Misunderstood Minds PBS-sponsored.  Includes exercises to experience learning disabiliy first-hand
National Ctr for Learning Disabilities Info & advocacy for parents & teachers of kids w/learning disability
National Research Ctr on Learning Disabilities Disseminates research findings & recommendations
Understanding L.D. - FAT City Workshop VIDEO Rick Lavoie turns viewer into student with L.D. (66 min.)

Legal Support

Book Adventure Free online reading club for kids KG - 8th grade, w/prizes. Sponsored by Sylvan
Bookshare Online library of digital books for people w/visual, physical or learning disabilites
Early Literacy Strategies: Handouts Somali, English & Spanish, from WA Learning Systems
Get Ready to Read! Helps educators, parents & young children develop early literacy skills
Guide to Literacy (Bank Street) For parents, college-age tutors of young readers & others
Health Literacy Ability to understand & follow basic health info; this NNLM site provides links to multiple others
Health Literacy: Ask Me 3 A quick tool to improve health communication between patient & provider 
Literacy NOW (Network Of Washington) Free programs to develop the reading of low literate & limited English adults
Literacy Toolkit for Pediatricians & Families American Academy of Pediatrics
Children of the Code: Videos A project of multiple interviews w/world-renowned experts on current illiteracy crisis
Talking & Books: Videos Demonstrates how to read to children.  In English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Korean

Medical Home
Building Your Medical Home Tool kit from the AAP
Center for Medical Home Improvement English/espanol tools to improve "Provider + Family" approach
Child Health Notes WA State Medical Home Tool for partnership-building of families with providers
Medical Home Tool Kit Seattle Children's Hospital toolkit to improve "Provider + Family" approach
Medical Home - National Main site for "Medical Home"
Medical Home - Washington State WA State chapter of national Medical Home

Medication - Psychiatric
Antidepressants in kids: FDA statement Risks & guidelines
CDER (Center for Drug Evaluation and Research) FDA site. Multiple drug topics
Guide to Psychiatric Meds for Children & Adolescents y espanol For parents. NYU Child Study Center
Medication Management VIDEO: Child Mind Institute "Pediatric Psychopharmacology"
MedlinePlus NIH tool; Search 'health topics' or 'drugs & supplements'
Micromedex Use Search option for a specific medication (PASSWORD REQUIRED)
Partnership for Prescription Assistance y espanol free or low-cost medication opportunities via PHRMA
Parents' Med Guide ADHD & Depression. Info for parents about medication warnings
Pill-swallowing Guidance to kids, parents & professionals; Northshore Long Island Jewish
Psychiatric medications American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry - Multiple topics
Psychiatric medications in kids Orange County Psychiatric Society: General overview
UpToDate Use Search option for a specific medication (PASSWORD REQUIRED)

Book recommendation (link below is to the publishing company):
Straight Talk About Psychiatric Medications for Kids - Third edition

Mental Health
Behavior Analysts - finding an "A.B.A." or related certified therapists Behavior Analyst Certification Board
DSM-5 value & limitations APA President Dilip Jeste, MD & NIMH Director Tom Insel, MD
Effective Child Therapy From ABCT. Effective therapy approaches based on disorder
Evidence-based Child & Adolescent Psychosocial Interventions AAP table/guide on best approaches by diagnosis
Healing Hearts Counseling (Tacoma): HopeSparks Sliding scale, available to Pierce County
Imagine - Behavioral & Developmental Services Accepts Medicaid; Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane; ABA, CBT & DBT (kids & adults)
Insurance Coverage for Mental Health services in WA State Guidelines prepared by Seattle Children's
King County Mental Health Services Guide to available King County services
Mental Health (King County-PLUS) Dept of Community & Human Services
Mental Health Information WA State DSHS - DBHR (Dept of Social & Health Services). Directory
National Mental Health Info Ctr y espanol Many useful links
Navos Mental Health Solutions Service for people near or below poverty in King County
Partnership Access Line Phone-based mental health consultation system for providers, funded by DSHS thru Seattle Children's
Provider List for Children & Youth King County Mental Health
Psychotherapy Videos Descriptions and/or demonstrations; Note: professional sources but not refereed
Psychosocial Resources for Seattle Children's Hospital patients Accessible only from computers in the hospital
Referral database community mental health providers Available only on Seattle Children's computers
Referral - Mental Health Agencies Seattle Children's Hospital listing Feb 2011
Referral database - Psychiatric Outpatient (children & adult) June 2012. Source: UW Psychiatry
Referral database - Psychiatric by specialty (children & adult) Oct 2011. Source: UW Psychiatry
Referral database WA State community mental health providers Seattle Children's Hospital listing Feb 2011
Regional Support Networks Mental Health coverage by county for people receiving WA State Medicaid
Ryther Therapy, Counseling, Parenting, Psychiatry, Sub-acute inpatient; In Seattle, Bellevue & Mukilteo
Seattle Children's Home Programs for families w/ & w/o a child w/disability, including parenting, out- & in-patient
Sound Mental Health Short- and long-term services throughout Puget Sound for youth & adults; ethnic & cultural diversity
Washington State Resource Guide Mental Health services through SAMHSA

Mental Retardation

Neural Tube Defects/Spina Bifida
Evergreen Spina Bifida Association Pacific Northwest chapter of national Spina Bifida Assn
Myelomeningocele Seattle Children's Hospital neurosurgery site on this condition, w/links to info + resources
Spina Bifida Association y espanol National non-profit. Education, advocacy, research, resources

Neuroscience Education for Families
Brain Facts For kids KG - 12th grade about brain & behavior [Society for Neuroscience]
Brain from Top to Bottom
 For all kids/families. Diagrams.Many topics [Canadian Institutes of Health Research]
Neurological Disorders - Public Education American Acad of Neurology. Links to conditions & research enrollment
Neuroscience for Kids (and families) Award-winning site to explain brain & developmental conditions

Nutrition and Eating Behaviors
Best Bones Forever US Govt site for bone health for girls & young women
BodyWorks y espanol Free program for overweight girls 9 to 13 years. Available in western WA hospitals.
COAT (Children's Obesity Action Team) Seattle Children's multidisciplinary team for awareness, education & resources
Eating Disorders American Psychiatric Ass'n consumer info
Eating Disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia & Others American Academy of Pediatrics info for parents
Eating Disorders: Overview y espanol National Institute of Mental Health consumer info
Eating Disorders Programs Seattle Children's
Ellyn Satter Multiple issues for different ages, including general guidance and picky eaters
Food Psychology Cornell University - behavioral strategies to eat sensibly
Glycemic Index University of Sydney site. Explains Glycemic Index (G.I.) & load. Database of G.I. of specific foods.
NutritionData Funded by advertisers, but uses USDA data. Provides visual graphics & tools to determine food values
Nutrition resources UW info for kids with special needs and others
Obesity cartoon "The Real Bears" Polar bear commercial spoof & consequences of sugar soda by CSPINET
Obesity Program Seattle Children's
Parent's Guide to feeding behavior problems by Autism Speaks, but applies to all children with eating behavior problems
Prevention & Treatment of Childhood Overweight & Obesity AAP site w/supports for families & professionals
SuperTracker US Govt site, w/online dietary & physical activity assessment tool

Pediatric Pain - Science Helping Children Dalhousie University site for pain info for kids, parents and clinicians
Seattle Children's Hospital: Pain Medicine One of few US children's hospitals to offer wide variety of pain control options

Parenting Skills Support
American Academy of Pediatrics: "Healthy Children" Search by topic
Anger Management: Video 30-minute discussion. Dr. John Walkup (excellent basic principles)
Behavior Support Team (BeST) In-home 12-week guidance for King County families of kids enrolled in DDD w/disability.
Books on Parenting/Discipline Listing of suggested published books
Center for Effective Discipline Alternatives to spanking. Agency based at Winona University
Child & Adolescent Treatment Center Multi-disciplinary specialty center. Not cost-free. Includes parent training.
Child Development Institute U.C. Irvine & other; Parenting, Milestones by age, Temperament
Children's Home Society: Family Support Many services, designed to help the whole family succeed. Low or no-cost.
Comparison of 6 Parenting Programs Results of SUNY evidence-based 2005 search. Includes 2 U.W. programs.
Development & Behavior Resources Search by topic thru "Your Child" of U. Michigan
Developmental Timeline From Talaris Institute's 'Parenting Counts' site; Details 0-5 years on four domains.
Family Preservation programs Links to programs including parenting supports for at-risk families
KidsHealth Medical and other info for families
Lives in the Balance Dr. Ross Greene's Collaborative Problem Solving for behavior challenges (w/audio & vides)
Parent-Child Interaction Training Free parent training for parents w/ 3- to 7-year-olds w/serious behavior problems. Espanol.
Parent Map NOTE: Non-professionally refereed resources for Puget Sound families
Parent to Parent y espanol Support for parents of children with special needs
Parent Training Programs 4 key components to successful training, from CDC meta-analysis (2010)
Parent Trust for Washington Children Education and support for parents
Parenting Classes database Puget Sound Adlerian Society; Link to The Parenting Calendar; updated quarterly
Parenting Class Over-active kids 5-8 years; In Seattle; "Incredible Years"-based; Fee-based, but Flexible Account available
Parenting Classes (Seattle Children's) Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine (parenting kids w/anxiety, ADHD, etc)
Parenting Classes (South Seattle) Site maintained by South Seattle Community College
Parenting Classes (Tacoma): Hope Sparks Uses 'The Incredible Years' approach
Parenting Clinic For parents, therapists & teachers of kids 4-8 years
Parenting Styles Descriptions & outcomes: 4 classic (Baumrind 2x2 table) parenting styles
Play Nicely VIDEO Manage hurtful behavior in young kids; English y espanol; parents & providers (APA, AAP & NAEYC)
Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports in the Home WORKBOOK produced by Behavior Solutions
Positive Parenting (Nemours Foundation) y espanol Multiple topics
Positive Parenting Tips CDC resource; categorized by age groups (infancy through adolescence)
Positive Parenting Tips Communicating w/young children & building esteeem; CWLA
Positive Parenting Toolkit Prepared by Ctr for the Education & Study of Diverse Populations
Private Providers list for parenting training Fee-for-service; The list requires password from Dr. Zinner
PURPLE Crying The period in newborn life of increased crying - learn why & what to do
Puget Sound Adlerian Society Many helpful services
Resilience Guide for Parents Helps parents build child's resilience; from American Psychological Ass'n
Seattle's Child Multiple resources
Seattle Children's Home Via navos, "BeST" (Behavior Support Team) to King County families. 1-800-318-KIDS
Spanking - 10 Reasons Not to Hit Your Child & 8 warnings Dr. Sears; includes Biblical interpretation
Technical Assistance Ctr on Social Emotional Intervention: Young Children (TACSEI) & Videos US Dept of Ed. Families & educators of kids w/disability or delay for challenging behaviors
Temperament - "Preventive Ounce" Parent completes profile of her/his child 4 months thru 12 years
Temperament - & Personality 9 temperament traits by Chess & Thomas
Temperament: Understanding Behavioral Individuality Run by psychologist; a clearinghouse.
Think Kids & Demonstrations: Videos Ross Greene: Explosive Child. Collaborative Problem Solving
Zero To Three Families & professionals - healthy development of infants & toddlers; See 'tips & tools' for challenging behaviors

Parents - Mothers
Women's Mental Health Massachusetts General Hospital site (pregnancy, post--partum, etc.)

Parents with Disabilities
Through the Looking Glass Services, referral & resources for the 15% of all U.S. parents who have disabilities

Premature infants
Low Birthweight/Prematurity Link to Medical Home website page

Preventive Care, Anticipatory Guidance & Health Promotion
Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP) Info on 'Title V' & resources
Baby Steps: Video CDC 4-minute program for parents emphasizing early identification & intervention
Born Learning y espanol Helps parents & other caregivers turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities
Bright Futures Health promotion tools for families and primary care providers
Child Development Tracker Birth to 8 years tracking of developmental streams
CHILD Profile WA State health promotion materials and immunization registry
Dept of Early Learning y espanol WA State agency focusing on birth to 6 years, w/info & services for kids, parents & providers
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Online Affliated w/American Academy of Pediatrics, provides many resources
KidsHealth Medical and other info for families
Learn the Signs. Act Early. CDC website of developmental milestones w/interactive tools for parents
Medical Home Ideas for accessible, continuous, family-centered, coordinated, culturally effective care
MedlinePlus Health Information NIH resource database with easily accessible info
National Ctr on Birth Defects & Developmental Disabilities CDC site promotes well-being for people w/disability
National Institute of Child Health & Human Dev't: A-to-Z topics NIH: Multiple children's health topics
On The Go Early language & literacy tools. Many languages. Washington Learning System.
Pathways Awareness Foundation Early detection & treatment of motor delays. Many languages
PEDS Child Dev't Screening Test Parental screening of 0- to 8-year-olds. NOTE: Charges a fee
Talaris Research Institute Supports caregivers in raising emotionally healthy children. NOTE: Sells products
Text4Baby y espanol Weekly text message to pregnant woman & new moms w/info on baby's health

Recreational Activities
Ability Online Monitored site where young people w/disability make friends & mentors in an atmosphere of collaboration
Activities and Fun Online non-TV activities for families of kids through 6th grade
Adaptive Sports: Seattle Ages 4 thru adults. Low-fee. Scholarships available. Serves people w/physical disabilities.
Adaptive Sports & Recreation: Tacoma Children & adults. Serves people w/physical disabilites.
Boys & Girls Club Youth facilities/activities w/professional staff. Services sliding fee & available to all.
Challenger Baseball: League finder Team baseball for kids w/range of disabilities; enter your zip code to find
Challenger Baseball/Pacific Little League Team baseball for kids (Edmonds & Lynnwood) w/range of disabilities
K - 12 Resource Guide (U. Washington) U.W.-sponsored activities (many are free) sorted by interests & age
LekoTek Toys & play for children up to 8 years old w/special needs; Includes toy lending library, helpline
Mobility International USA International exchange/travel for people w/disability
Northwest Center Teen Program "When Seattle Public Schools are closed, the center is open." Naturalistic social experiences.
Outdoors for All Regional outdoor activities for kids & adults (age 5+) w/physical, sensory or cognitive disability.
(for children & adults w/disability & of all ability):
___Eastside MyParks&Recreation: Specialized Recreation 10 eastside cities. In 'Category' bar, select 'Specialized Recreation'
___Everett Camp Patterson Daycamp for kids 5 & older w/developmental or physical challenges. Low-fee. Scholarships.
___Seattle Parks & Recreation Specialized Programs ages 4 years-adult. Low & no-fee. Scholarships. Year-round.
___Tacoma MetroParks Special Recreation
Special Olympics Washington Year-round sports training & athletic competition to people w/intellectual disability 
Summer camps & programs for WA State children w/special needs Seattle Children's site
Teen Portal Seattle City database to connect teens to programs, events, jobs, homework help, music, other
Theater of Possibility Uses theater to explore self. Welcomes those w/autism, ADHD & other learning differences. Partial scholarships available
VSA Arts Learning through & participation in The Arts for people w/disabilities
Wheelchair Sports USA National organization of & for wheelchair athletes & enthusiasts
ZAC Browser Activities for kids, commercial-free and distraction-reduced.  Autism & general appeal

Crisis Support Link to section on this website
National Respite Locator Search by location & match by your specific needs
Saturday Club Respite-focused 5-hour fee-based King County weekly Saturday program for kids w/disability 4-12 & siblings

Sexuality & Puberty
Advocates for Youth For youth, professionals & parents. Advocacy & support to make responsible choices about sex & reproductive health.
Bibliography: sexuality and disability Books and Internet links for parents, youth & professionals
Birds + Bees + Kids Non-refereed site of Seattle-based professional. Provides advice, resources & workshops
FLASH (Family Life And Sexual Health curriculum) Lesson plans for youth, w/ and w/o special needs. King County Public Health.
Gay-Straight Alliance Network Connects school GSA's to each other via training, peer support, other
GLSEN Assures school communities respect everyone regardless of identity/expression
Parent's Guide on Puberty for adolescents with disabilities/"Healthy Bodies" female- and male-versions. Vanderbilt U.
PFLAG Promotes health & well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender persons, families & friends
Sexual Health Network: Developmental Disabilities Professionally refereed Q&A site
Sexual Orientation & Youth: Just The Facts A.P.A. resource for school principals & other educators
Sexuality & Developmental Disabilities Workbooks for parents & teachers. In English y espanol. From US DHHS & Univ. S. Florida
Sexuality & Developmental Disability: A Guide for Parents 15-page guide from
SIECUS (Sexuality Info & Education Council of the U.S.) Comprehensive evidence-based sexual info & support
Teen Talk Planned Parenthood site addressing sexual education and support to teens

Sibling Rivalry & Sibling Abuse & Sibling w/special need ("Your Child" topics of U. Michigan)
The Sibling Support Project Sibs of kids w/disabilities. Seattle-based national program. Workshops & other resources

Autism - Sleep tool kit for parents Autism Speaks resource
National Sleep Foundation Many helpful topics
Sleep Channel Many topics.  Monitored by Sleep M.D. specialists

Smoking Cessation
American Academy of Pediatrics: Richmond Center Quitting support, & education on 2nd- and 3rd-hand effects
American Lung Association - Smoking Cessation Behavioral & medical counsel
Quitline - Washington State Call 877-270-STOP or 877-270-7867
Smoke-Free Homes American Academy of Pediatrics

Social Skills
Best Buddies Global volunteers for 1-to-1 friendships, employment & leadership for youth & adults w/intellectual & developmental disabilities
Improve Your Social Skills Non-refereed; w/Dan Wendler {TEDx speaker}. Coaching via Skype. Fee negotiable.
Resources for teaching social skills Developed by the UW Autism Center & a private SLP
Social Communication  Select "Soc Com Model" to develop a profile w/recommendations for your child

Speech & Language
American Speech-Language-Hearing Assn: Typical Development Consumer-oriented info
National Institute on Deafness & Other Communication Disorders NIH agency, w/info on voice, speech & language

Television, Internet and other Media
Active Bodies Active Minds UW site w/helpful reasons and ideas for TV reduction
Center on Media & Child Heath Boston Children's Hospital - ideas for appropriate media use
Children and Media PBS site w/advice on TV, movies, computer use, video games & ads
Healthy Children: Media AAP site to help parents monitor & interpret media exposure
Media Education: What Parents Can Do Audio & written discussions on many topics -
SafetyNet American Academy of Pediatrics site for Internet and other media safety of kids

Tic Disorders/Tourette syndrome
Aggression in Tourette- treatment:Video A collaborative approach (medical & behavioral)
Behavior management for tics: CBIT Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics - brochure from TSA
*CBIT TSA-Certified Provider(s) : Seattle Children's (Seattle); Sendan Center (Bellingham); US providers
Behavior management for tics: CBIT VIDEO (in English y en espanol) Tourette Syndrome Assn, w/ Dr. Woods
Flying Anne: VIDEO Documentary of 11-year-old girl ("day in the life of" approach) 21 min, Netherlands 2010
Habit Reversal Therapy guidelines
 Behavioral guidelines to eradicate habits. U. Missouri
Medication, A Consumer's Guide to Tourette Syndrome Medications TSA, 2008
Getting Started/Newly Diagnosed: Video 4-part video w/John Walkup, MD for parents , 2012
Newly Diagnosed: Video 3-part video w/John Walkup, MD, for parents, 2006
PANDAS Q&A NY Times featuring Drs. Leckman & King responses to concerns about "PANDAS"
Planet Tic Interactive website about tics for kids, parents & teachers
School Care Plan in Tic Disorders WA State government-sponsored accommodations in Tourette syndrome
Tourette syndrome in the classroom, school & community: Video TSA Multiple topics
Tourette Syndrome Module Diagnosis & management for families, thru Utah Medical Home
Tourette Syndrome: Minimizing Confusion Blog by Neuropsychiatry Clinic, British Columbia Children's Hospital
Tourette Syndrome Association National organization.  Support for kids, parents & educators
Tourette Syndrome "Plus" Private psychologist site. Comprehensive view of Tourette syndrome.  Not peer-refereed.
Tourette's - What Makes You Tic? Video Features Marc Elliot, young adult w/Tourette syndrome
Washington State chapter of the TSA Regional advocacy & education for Tourette syndrome

Toilet Training - special
Toilet training children with Autism TEACCH tool
Toilet training children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Vanderbilt guide
Toilet training children w/behavioral difficulties Brochure, audio expert discussion & other resources. National Fragile X Foundation.

Trichotillomania Learning Center Grassroots agency w/scientific advisory board. Referral, general info, other

Autism & Vaccine Safety Info for Parents American Academy of Pediatrics
Autism and vaccines: Q & A Clear answers and smart advice from author/pediatrician
Childhood Immunization Support Program American Academy of Pediatrics
Institute for Vaccine Safety - Bloomberg School of Public Health Independent vaccine assessment
MMR Safety Guide for health providers from King County addressing retracted fraudulent research (2011)
National Immunization Program Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Network for Immunization Information For families & providers. Includes school-entry vaccine requirements
U.S. Court of Federal Claims: Special Masters Landmark Feb 12, 2009 decision ruling no MMR and/or thimerosal-autism link
Vaccinate Your Baby Hosted by Every Child By Two, project of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter
Vaccine Beliefs and Concerns CDC website
Vaccine Education Center Children's Hospital of Phildelphia
Vaccine Info for the Public & Health Professionals Immunization Action Coalition. Vaccine importance & safety
Vaccine Safety Q & A Paul Offit, MD highlights - 2014 annual meeting (American Academy of Pediatrics)
Vaccines Don't Cause Autism Video Aaron Carroll, MD Director - Ctr. Health Policy & Professionalism Research, Indiana U.
How Safe Are We? Video Group Health video featuring regional experts (12 minutes)
The Vaccine War: Video PBS 1-hour program. Examines the debate between scientists and populist coalition
Vaccines: Separating Fact from Fear: Video CHOP featuring Paul Offit, MD
Vaccines & Your Baby: Video CHOP film, describing vaccines & the disease they prevent


Last modified: 11/9/2014