Anne Manicone

Associate Professor

UW Health Sciences Center



Research Interest: Complications of Diabetes

DRC Publications

McMahan, RS; Birkland, TP; Smigiel, KS; Vandivort, TC; Rohani, MG; Manicone, AM; McGuire, JK; Gharib, SA; Parks, WC ; ... Parks, WC Stromelysin-2 (MMP10) Moderates Inflammation by Controlling Macrophage Activation J Immunol 197 3: 899-909; 2016 PMC4955757

Manicone, AM; Gong, K; Johnston, LK; Giannandrea, M ; Diet-induced obesity alters myeloid cell populations in naive and injured lung Respir Res 17 24; 2016 PMC4782295

Gill, SE; Gharib, SA; Bench, EM; Sussman, SW; Wang, RT; Rims, C; Birkland, TP; Wang, Y; Manicone, AM; ... Parks, WC Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-3 moderates the proinflammatory status of macrophages Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 49 5: 768-77; 2013 PMC3931094

Ma, Y; Chiao, YA; Zhang, J; Manicone, AM; Jin, YF; Lindsey, ML ; Matrix metalloproteinase-28 deletion amplifies inflammatory and extracellular matrix responses to cardiac aging Microsc Microanal 18 1: 81-90; 2012 PMC3972008