Cecilia Giachelli


UW Health Sciences Center


Email: ceci@u.washington.edu

Research Interest: Complications of Diabetes

DRC Publications

Wallingford, MC; Gammill, HS; Giachelli, CM ; Slc20a2 deficiency results in fetal growth restriction and placental calcification associated with thickened basement membranes and novel CD13 and lamininalpha1 expressing cells Reprod Biol 16 1: 13-26; 2016 PMC4841690

Wallingford, MC; Chia, J; Leaf, EM; Borgeia, S; Chavkin, NW; Sawangmake, C; Marro, K; Cox, TC; Speer, MY; ... Giachelli, CM SLC20A2 deficiency in mice leads to elevated phosphate levels in cerbrospinal fluid and glymphatic pathway-associated arteriolar calcification, and recapitulates human idiopathic basal ganglia calcification Brain Pathol 2016 PMC4967033

Paloian, NJ; Leaf, EM; Giachelli, CM ; Osteopontin protects against high phosphate-induced nephrocalcinosis and vascular calcification Kidney Int 89 5: 1027-36; 2016 PMC4834144

Lin, ME; Chen, T; Leaf, EM; Speer, MY; Giachelli, CM ; Runx2 expression in smooth muscle cCells is required for arterial medial calcification in mice Am J Pathol 185 7: 1958-69; 2015 PMC4484217

Eaton, KV; Yang, HL; Giachelli, CM; Scatena, M ; Engineering macrophages to control the inflammatory response and angiogenesis Exp Cell Res 339 2: 300-9; 2015 PMC4679554

Paloian, NJ; Giachelli, CM ; A current understanding of vascular calcification in CKD Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 307 8: F891-900; 2014 PMC4200295

Wu, M; Rementer, C; Giachelli, CM ; Vascular calcification: an update on mechanisms and challenges in treatment Calcif Tissue Int 93 4: 365-73; 2013 PMC3714357

Crouthamel, MH; Lau, WL; Leaf, EM; Chavkin, NW; Wallingford, MC; Peterson, DF; Li, X; Liu, Y; Chin, MT; ... Giachelli, CM Sodium-dependent phosphate cotransporters and phosphate-induced calcification of vascular smooth muscle cells: redundant roles for PiT-1 and PiT-2 Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 33 11: 2625-32; 2013 PMC4009978

Lund, SA; Wilson, CL; Raines, EW; Tang, J; Giachelli, CM; Scatena, M ; Osteopontin mediates macrophage chemotaxis via alpha4 and alpha9 integrins and survival via the alpha4 integrin J Cell Biochem 114 5: 1194-202; 2013

Naik, V; Leaf, EM; Hu, JH; Yang, HY; Nguyen, NB; Giachelli, CM; Speer, MY ; Sources of cells that contribute to atherosclerotic intimal calcification: an in vivo genetic fate mapping study Cardiovasc Res 94 3: 545-54; 2012 PMC3353803

Deuell, KA; Callegari, A; Giachelli, CM; Rosenfeld, ME; Scatena, M ; RANKL enhances macrophage paracrine pro-calcific activity in high phosphate-treated smooth muscle cells: dependence on IL-6 and TNF-alpha J Vasc Res 49 6: 510-21; 2012 PMC4001814

Bryers, JD; Giachelli, CM; Ratner, BD ; Engineering biomaterials to integrate and heal: the biocompatibility paradigm shifts Biotechnol Bioeng 109 8: 1898-911; 2012 PMC3490630