Charles Frevert


South Lake Union

Comparative Medicine


Research Interest: Complications of Diabetes

DRC Publications

Reeves, SR; Kaber, G; Sheih, A; Cheng, G; Aronica, MA; Merrilees, MJ; Debley, JS; Frevert, CW; Ziegler, SF; ... Wight, TN Subepithelial Accumulation of Versican in a Cockroach Antigen-Induced Murine Model of Allergic Asthma J Histochem Cytochem 64 6: 364-80; 2016 PMC4888411

Gill, SE; Nadler, ST; Li, Q; Frevert, CW; Park, PW; Chen, P; Parks, WC ; Shedding of Syndecan-1/CXCL1 Complexes by Matrix Metalloproteinase 7 Functions as an Epithelial Checkpoint of Neutrophil Activation Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 55 2: 243-51; 2016

Nolin, JD; Ogden, HL; Lai, Y; Altemeier, WA; Frevert, CW; Bollinger, JG; Naika, GS; Kicic, A; Stick, SM; ... Hallstrand, TS Identification of Epithelial Phospholipase A2 Receptor 1 (PLA2R1) as a Potential Target in Asthma Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 2016

Fry, LM; Schneider, DA; Frevert, CW; Nelson, DD; Morrison, WI; Knowles, DP ; East Coast Fever Caused by Theileria parva Is Characterized by Macrophage Activation Associated with Vasculitis and Respiratory Failure PLoS One 11 5: e0156004; 2016 PMC4873194

Snyder, JM; Washington, IM; Birkland, T; Chang, MY; Frevert, CW ; Correlation of Versican Expression, Accumulation, and Degradation during Embryonic Development by Quantitative Immunohistochemistry J Histochem Cytochem 63 12: 952-67; 2015 PMC4823801

Hewitt, SM; Baskin, DG; Frevert, CW; Stahl, WL; Rosa-Molinar, E ; Controls for immunohistochemistry: the Histochemical Society's standards of practice for validation of immunohistochemical assays J Histochem Cytochem 62 10: 693-7; 2014 PMC4212362