Charles Murry


South Lake Union



Research Interest: Complications of Diabetes

DRC Publications

Roberts, MA; Tran, D; Coulombe, KL; Razumova, M; Regnier, M; Murry, CE; Zheng, Y ; Stromal Cells in Dense Collagen Promote Cardiomyocyte and Microvascular Patterning in Engineered Human Heart Tissue Tissue Eng Part A 22 7-8: 633-44; 2016 PMC4840925

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Kolwicz, SC, Jr.; Odom, GL; Nowakowski, SG; Moussavi-Harami, F; Chen, X; Reinecke, H; Hauschka, SD; Murry, CE; Mahairas, GG; ... Regnier, M AAV6-mediated Cardiac-specific Overexpression of Ribonucleotide Reductase Enhances Myocardial Contractility Mol Ther 24 2: 240-50; 2016 PMC4817808

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