Daniel Raftery


South Lake Union


Email: draftery@uw.edu

Research Interest: Complications of Diabetes, Pathophysiology and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

DRC Publications

Du, J; Rountree, A; Cleghorn, WM; Contreras, L; Lindsay, KJ; Sadilek, M; Gu, H; Djukovic, D; Raftery, D; ... Hurley, JB Phototransduction Influences Metabolic Flux and Nucleotide Metabolism in Mouse Retina J Biol Chem 291 9: 4698-710; 2016 PMC4813492

Barton, S; Navarro, SL; Buas, MF; Schwarz, Y; Gu, H; Djukovic, D; Raftery, D; Kratz, M; Neuhouser, ML; ... Lampe, JW Targeted plasma metabolome response to variations in dietary glycemic load in a randomized, controlled, crossover feeding trial in healthy adults Food Funct 6 9: 2949-56; 2015 PMC4558254

Sperber, H; Mathieu, J; Wang, Y; Ferreccio, A; Hesson, J; Xu, Z; Fischer, KA; Devi, A; Detraux, D; ... Ruohola-Baker, H The metabolome regulates the epigenetic landscape during naive-to-primed human embryonic stem cell transition Nat Cell Biol 17 12: 1523-35; 2015 PMC4662931