Ellen Schur

Associate Professor

Harborview Medical Center


Email: ellschur@uw.edu

Research Interest: Central Regulation of Body Weight and Glucose Metabolism

DRC Publications

Mestre, ZL; Melhorn, SJ; Askren, MK; Tyagi, V; Gatenby, C; Young, L; Mehta, S; Webb, MF; Grabowski, TJ; ... Schur, EA Effects of Anxiety on Caloric Intake and Satiety-Related Brain Activation in Women and Men Psychosom Med 78 4: 454-64; 2016 PMC4851583

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Bosch, TA; Chow, L; Dengel, DR; Melhorn, SJ; Webb, M; Yancey, D; Callahan, H; De Leon, MR; Tyagi, V; ... Schur, EA In adult twins, visceral fat accumulation depends more on exceeding sex-specific adiposity thresholds than on genetics Metabolism 64 9: 991-8; 2015 PMC4546509

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Melhorn, SJ; Tyagi, V; Smeraglio, A; Roth, CL; Schur, EA ; Initial evidence that GLP-1 receptor blockade fails to suppress postprandial satiety or promote food intake in humans Appetite 82 85-90; 2014 PMC4171349

Berkseth, KE; Guyenet, SJ; Melhorn, SJ; Lee, D; Thaler, JP; Schur, EA; Schwartz, MW ; Hypothalamic gliosis associated with high-fat diet feeding is reversible in mice: a combined immunohistochemical and magnetic resonance imaging study Endocrinology 155 8: 2858-67; 2014 PMC4098007

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Roth, CL; Aylward, E; Liang, O; Kleinhans, NM; Pauley, G; Schur, EA ; Functional neuroimaging in craniopharyngioma: a useful tool to better understand hypothalamic obesity? Obes Facts 5 2: 243-53; 2012

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