Hannele Ruohola-Baker


South Lake Union


Email: hannele@uw.edu

Research Interest: Complications of Diabetes, Etiology, Pathogenesis and Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

DRC Publications

Ellen Kreipke, R; Wang, Y; Miklas, JW; Mathieu, J; Ruohola-Baker, H ; Metabolic remodeling in early development and cardiomyocyte maturation Semin Cell Dev Biol 52 84-92; 2016 PMC4820352

Mathieu, J; Ruohola-Baker, H ; Metabolic RemodeLIN of Pluripotency Cell Stem Cell 19 1: 3-4; 2016

Sperber, H; Mathieu, J; Wang, Y; Ferreccio, A; Hesson, J; Xu, Z; Fischer, KA; Devi, A; Detraux, D; ... Ruohola-Baker, H The metabolome regulates the epigenetic landscape during naive-to-primed human embryonic stem cell transition Nat Cell Biol 17 12: 1523-35; 2015 PMC4662931

Kuppusamy, KT; Jones, DC; Sperber, H; Madan, A; Fischer, KA; Rodriguez, ML; Pabon, L; Zhu, WZ; Tulloch, NL; ... Ruohola-Baker, H Let-7 family of microRNA is required for maturation and adult-like metabolism in stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112 21: E2785-94; 2015 PMC4450404

Ware, CB; Nelson, AM; Mecham, B; Hesson, J; Zhou, W; Jonlin, EC; Jimenez-Caliani, AJ; Deng, X; Cavanaugh, C; ... Ruohola-Baker, H Derivation of naive human embryonic stem cells Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111 12: 4484-9; 2014 PMC3970494

Zhou, W; Tan, Y; Anderson, DJ; Crist, EM; Ruohola-Baker, H; Salipante, SJ; Horwitz, MS ; Use of somatic mutations to quantify random contributions to mouse development BMC Genomics 14 39; 2013 PMC3564904

Zhou, W; Choi, M; Margineantu, D; Margaretha, L; Hesson, J; Cavanaugh, C; Blau, CA; Horwitz, MS; Hockenbery, D; ... Ruohola-Baker, H HIF1alpha induced switch from bivalent to exclusively glycolytic metabolism during ESC-to-EpiSC/hESC transition EMBO J 31 9: 2103-16; 2012 PMC3343469