Ian Sweet

Research Associate Professor

South Lake Union


Email: isweet@uw.edu

Research Interest: Pathophysiology and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

DRC Publications

Du, J; Rountree, A; Cleghorn, WM; Contreras, L; Lindsay, KJ; Sadilek, M; Gu, H; Djukovic, D; Raftery, D; ... Hurley, JB Phototransduction Influences Metabolic Flux and Nucleotide Metabolism in Mouse Retina J Biol Chem 291 9: 4698-710; 2016 PMC4813492

Neal, A; Rountree, AM; Philips, CW; Kavanagh, TJ; Williams, DP; Newham, P; Khalil, G; Cook, DL; Sweet, IR ; ... Sweet, IR Quantification of Low-Level Drug Effects Using Real-Time, in vitro Measurement of Oxygen Consumption Rate Toxicol Sci 148 2: 594-602; 2015 PMC4830255

Stoll, EA; Makin, R; Sweet, IR; Trevelyan, AJ; Miwa, S; Horner, PJ; Turnbull, DM ; Neural stem cells in the adult subventricular zone oxidize fatty acids to produce energy and support neurogenic activity Stem Cells 33 7: 2306-19; 2015 PMC4478223

Lee, WJ; Tateya, S; Cheng, AM; Rizzo-DeLeon, N; Wang, NF; Handa, P; Wilson, CL; Clowes, AW; Sweet, IR; ... Kim, F M2 macrophage polarization mediates anti-inflammatory effects of endothelial nitric oxide signaling Diabetes 64 8: 2836-46; 2015 PMC4512216

McClure, J; Margineantu, DH; Sweet, IR; Polyak, SJ ; Inhibition of HIV by Legalon-SIL is independent of its effect on cellular metabolism Virology 449 96-103; 2014 PMC3909448

Rountree, AM; Neal, AS; Lisowski, M; Rizzo, N; Radtke, J; White, S; Luciani, DS; Kim, F; Hampe, CS; ... Sweet, IR Control of insulin secretion by cytochrome C and calcium signaling in islets with impaired metabolism J Biol Chem 289 27: 19110-9; 2014 PMC4081948

Rountree, AM; Reed, BJ; Cummings, BP; Jung, SR; Stanhope, KL; Graham, JL; Griffen, SC; Hull, RL; Havel, PJ; ... Sweet, IR Loss of coupling between calcium influx, energy consumption and insulin secretion associated with development of hyperglycaemia in the UCD-T2DM rat model of type 2 diabetes Diabetologia 56 4: 803-13; 2013 PMC3855025

Du, J; Cleghorn, WM; Contreras, L; Lindsay, K; Rountree, AM; Chertov, AO; Turner, SJ; Sahaboglu, A; Linton, J; ... Hurley, JB Inhibition of mitochondrial pyruvate transport by zaprinast causes massive accumulation of aspartate at the expense of glutamate in the retina J Biol Chem 288 50: 36129-40; 2013 PMC3861660

Hampe, CS; Maitland, ME; Gilliam, LK; Phan, TH; Sweet, IR; Radtke, JR; Bota, V; Ransom, BR; Hirsch, IB ; ... Hirsch, IB High titers of autoantibodies to glutamate decarboxylase in type 1 diabetes patients: epitope analysis and inhibition of enzyme activity Endocr Pract 19 4: 663-8; 2013 PMC4037149

Lee, YS; Morinaga, H; Kim, JJ; Lagakos, W; Taylor, S; Keshwani, M; Perkins, G; Dong, H; Kayali, AG; ... Olefsky, J The fractalkine/CX3CR1 system regulates beta cell function and insulin secretion Cell 153 2: 413-25; 2013 PMC3717389

Suckow, AT; Zhang, C; Egodage, S; Comoletti, D; Taylor, P; Miller, MT; Sweet, IR; Chessler, SD ; Transcellular neuroligin-2 interactions enhance insulin secretion and are integral to pancreatic beta cell function J Biol Chem 287 24: 19816-26; 2012 PMC3370167

Han, CY; Umemoto, T; Omer, M; Den Hartigh, LJ; Chiba, T; LeBoeuf, R; Buller, CL; Sweet, IR; Pennathur, S; ... Chait, A NADPH oxidase-derived reactive oxygen species increases expression of monocyte chemotactic factor genes in cultured adipocytes J Biol Chem 287 13: 10379-93; 2012 PMC3322984

Chen, W; Lisowski, M; Khalil, G; Sweet, IR; Shen, AQ ; Microencapsulated 3-dimensional sensor for the measurement of oxygen in single isolated pancreatic islets PLoS One 7 3: e33070; 2012 PMC3315556

Meabon, JS; Lee, A; Meeker, KD; Bekris, LM; Fujimura, RK; Yu, CE; Watson, GS; Pow, DV; Sweet, IR; ... Cook, DG Differential expression of the glutamate transporter GLT-1 in pancreas J Histochem Cytochem 60 2: 139-51; 2012 PMC3351122