Irl Hirsch


South Lake Union



Research Interest: Clinical Trials and Large-Scale Epidemiologic Studies, Complications of Diabetes, Etiology, Pathogenesis and Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

DRC Publications

Mauseth, R; Lord, SM; Hirsch, IB; Kircher, RC; Matheson, DP; Greenbaum, CJ ; Stress Testing of an Artificial Pancreas System With Pizza and Exercise Leads to Improvements in the System's Fuzzy Logic Controller J Diabetes Sci Technol 9 6: 1253-9; 2015 PMC4667297

Kotagal, M; Symons, RG; Hirsch, IB; Umpierrez, GE; Dellinger, EP; Farrokhi, ET; Flum, DR; SCOAP-CERTAIN Collaborative ; Perioperative hyperglycemia and risk of adverse events among patients with and without diabetes Ann Surg 261 1: 97-103; 2015 PMC4208939

Afkarian, M; Hirsch, IB; Tuttle, KR; Greenbaum, C; Himmelfarb, J; de Boer, IH ; Urinary excretion of RAS, BMP, and WNT pathway components in diabetic kidney disease Physiol Rep 2 5: e12010; 2014 PMC4098738

Mauseth, R; Hirsch, IB; Bollyky, J; Kircher, R; Matheson, D; Sanda, S; Greenbaum, C ; Use of a "fuzzy logic" controller in a closed-loop artificial pancreas Diabetes Technol Ther 15 8: 628-33; 2013

Afkarian, M; Sachs, MC; Kestenbaum, B; Hirsch, IB; Tuttle, KR; Himmelfarb, J; de Boer, IH ; Kidney disease and increased mortality risk in type 2 diabetes J Am Soc Nephrol 24 2: 302-8; 2013 PMC3559486

Hampe, CS; Maitland, ME; Gilliam, LK; Phan, TH; Sweet, IR; Radtke, JR; Bota, V; Ransom, BR; Hirsch, IB ; ... Hirsch, IB High titers of autoantibodies to glutamate decarboxylase in type 1 diabetes patients: epitope analysis and inhibition of enzyme activity Endocr Pract 19 4: 663-8; 2013 PMC4037149