Jenny Tong

Associate Professor

VA Puget Sound Health Care System



Research Interest: Pathophysiology and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

DRC Publications

Barry, DR; Utzschneider, KM; Tong, J; Gaba, K; Leotta, DF; Brunzell, JD; Easterling, TR ; Intraabdominal fat, insulin sensitivity, and cardiovascular risk factors in postpartum women with a history of preeclampsia Am J Obstet Gynecol 213 1: 104 e1-11; 2015

Muller, TD; Nogueiras, R; Andermann, ML; Andrews, ZB; Anker, SD; Argente, J; Batterham, RL; Benoit, SC; Bowers, CY; ... Tschop, MH Ghrelin Mol Metab 4 6: 437-60; 2015 PMC4443295

Smits, MM; Woudstra, P; Utzschneider, KM; Tong, J; Gerchman, F; Faulenbach, M; Carr, DB; Aston-Mourney, K; Chait, A; ... Kahn, SE Adipocytokines as features of the metabolic syndrome determined using confirmatory factor analysis Ann Epidemiol 23 7: 415-21; 2013 PMC3778191