Joshua Thaler

Associate Professor

South Lake Union



Research Interest: Central Regulation of Body Weight and Glucose Metabolism

DRC Publications

Meek, TH; Nelson, JT; Matsen, ME; Dorfman, MD; Guyenet, SJ; Damian, V; Allison, MB; Scarlett, JM; Nguyen, HT; ... Morton, GJ Functional identification of a neurocircuit regulating blood glucose Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113 14: E2073-82; 2016 PMC4833243

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Berkseth, KE; Guyenet, SJ; Melhorn, SJ; Lee, D; Thaler, JP; Schur, EA; Schwartz, MW ; Hypothalamic gliosis associated with high-fat diet feeding is reversible in mice: a combined immunohistochemical and magnetic resonance imaging study Endocrinology 155 8: 2858-67; 2014 PMC4098007

Gao, Y; Ottaway, N; Schriever, SC; Legutko, B; Garcia-Caceres, C; de la Fuente, E; Mergen, C; Bour, S; Thaler, JP; ... Yi, CX Hormones and diet, but not body weight, control hypothalamic microglial activity Glia 62 1: 17-25; 2014 PMC4213950

Lee, D; Thaler, JP; Berkseth, KE; Melhorn, SJ; Schwartz, MW; Schur, EA ; Longer T(2) relaxation time is a marker of hypothalamic gliosis in mice with diet-induced obesity Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 304 11: E1245-50; 2013 PMC3680680

Matsen, ME; Thaler, JP; Wisse, BE; Guyenet, SJ; Meek, TH; Ogimoto, K; Cubelo, A; Fischer, JD; Kaiyala, KJ; ... Morton, GJ In uncontrolled diabetes, thyroid hormone and sympathetic activators induce thermogenesis without increasing glucose uptake in brown adipose tissue Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 304 7: E734-46; 2013 PMC3625754

Thaler, JP; Guyenet, SJ; Dorfman, MD; Wisse, BE; Schwartz, MW ; Hypothalamic inflammation: marker or mechanism of obesity pathogenesis? Diabetes 62 8: 2629-34; 2013 PMC3717869

Guyenet, SJ; Nguyen, HT; Hwang, BH; Schwartz, MW; Baskin, DG; Thaler, JP ; High-fat diet feeding causes rapid, non-apoptotic cleavage of caspase-3 in astrocytes Brain Res 1512 97-105; 2013 PMC3684737

Meek, TH; Wisse, BE; Thaler, JP; Guyenet, SJ; Matsen, ME; Fischer, JD; Taborsky, GJ, Jr.; Schwartz, MW; Morton, GJ ; ... Morton, GJ BDNF action in the brain attenuates diabetic hyperglycemia via insulin-independent inhibition of hepatic glucose production Diabetes 62 5: 1512-8; 2013 PMC3636618

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Kaiyala, KJ; Morton, GJ; Thaler, JP; Meek, TH; Tylee, T; Ogimoto, K; Wisse, BE ; Acutely decreased thermoregulatory energy expenditure or decreased activity energy expenditure both acutely reduce food intake in mice PLoS One 7 8: e41473; 2012 PMC3425585