Karin Bornfeldt


South Lake Union


Email: bornf@uw.edu

Research Interest: Complications of Diabetes

DRC Publications

Vallerie, SN; Kramer, F; Barnhart, S; Kanter, JE; Breyer, RM; Andreasson, KI; Bornfeldt, KE ; Myeloid Cell Prostaglandin E2 Receptor EP4 Modulates Cytokine Production but Not Atherogenesis in a Mouse Model of Type 1 Diabetes PLoS One 11 6: e0158316; 2016 PMC4924840

Rune, I; Rolin, B; Larsen, C; Nielsen, DS; Kanter, JE; Bornfeldt, KE; Lykkesfeldt, J; Buschard, K; Kirk, RK; ... Hansen, AK Modulating the Gut Microbiota Improves Glucose Tolerance, Lipoprotein Profile and Atherosclerotic Plaque Development in ApoE-Deficient Mice PLoS One 11 1: e0146439; 2016 PMC4723129

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Bornfeldt, KE ; Does Elevated Glucose Promote Atherosclerosis? Pros and Cons Circ Res 119 2: 190-3; 2016 PMC4940114

Libby, P; Bornfeldt, KE; Tall, AR ; Atherosclerosis: Successes, Surprises, and Future Challenges Circ Res 118 4: 531-4; 2016 PMC4762065

Bornfeldt, KE ; Uncomplicating the Macrovascular Complications of Diabetes: The 2014 Edwin Bierman Award Lecture Diabetes 64 8: 2689-97; 2015 PMC4512224

Pamir, N; Liu, NC; Irwin, A; Becker, L; Peng, Y; Ronsein, GE; Bornfeldt, KE; Duffield, JS; Heinecke, JW ; ... Heinecke, JW Granulocyte/macrophage colony-stimulating factor-dependent dendritic cells restrain lean adipose tissue expansion J Biol Chem 290 23: 14656-67; 2015 PMC4505532

Vallerie, SN; Bornfeldt, KE ; GPIHBP1: two get tangled Circ Res 116 4: 560-2; 2015 PMC4332401

Willecke, F; Yuan, C; Oka, K; Chan, L; Hu, Y; Barnhart, S; Bornfeldt, KE; Goldberg, IJ; Fisher, EA ; ... Fisher, EA Effects of high fat feeding and diabetes on regression of atherosclerosis induced by low-density lipoprotein receptor gene therapy in LDL receptor-deficient mice PLoS One 10 6: e0128996; 2015 PMC4457481

Nishizawa, T; Kanter, JE; Kramer, F; Barnhart, S; Shen, X; Vivekanandan-Giri, A; Wall, VZ; Kowitz, J; Devaraj, S; ... Bornfeldt, KE Testing the role of myeloid cell glucose flux in inflammation and atherosclerosis Cell Rep 7 2: 356-65; 2014 PMC4021396

Taborsky, GJ, Jr.; Mei, Q; Bornfeldt, KE; Hackney, DJ; Mundinger, TO ; The p75 neurotrophin receptor is required for the major loss of sympathetic nerves from islets under autoimmune attack Diabetes 63 7: 2369-79; 2014 PMC4066345

Lee, JT; Pamir, N; Liu, NC; Kirk, EA; Averill, MM; Becker, L; Larson, I; Hagman, DK; Foster-Schubert, KE; ... Heinecke, JW Macrophage metalloelastase (MMP12) regulates adipose tissue expansion, insulin sensitivity, and expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase Endocrinology 155 9: 3409-20; 2014 PMC4138576

Wall, VZ; Bornfeldt, KE ; Arterial smooth muscle Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 34 10: 2175-9; 2014 PMC4197844

Nagareddy, PR; Kraakman, M; Masters, SL; Stirzaker, RA; Gorman, DJ; Grant, RW; Dragoljevic, D; Hong, ES; Abdel-Latif, A; ... Murphy, AJ Adipose tissue macrophages promote myelopoiesis and monocytosis in obesity Cell Metab 19 5: 821-35; 2014 PMC4048939

Bornfeldt, KE ; 2013 Russell Ross memorial lecture in vascular biology: cellular and molecular mechanisms of diabetes mellitus-accelerated atherosclerosis Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 34 4: 705-14; 2014 PMC3967130

Tateya, S; Rizzo-De Leon, N; Handa, P; Cheng, AM; Morgan-Stevenson, V; Ogimoto, K; Kanter, JE; Bornfeldt, KE; Daum, G; ... Kim, F VASP increases hepatic fatty acid oxidation by activating AMPK in mice Diabetes 62 6: 1913-22; 2013 PMC3661609

Goldberg, IJ; Bornfeldt, KE ; Lipids and the endothelium: bidirectional interactions Curr Atheroscler Rep 15 11: 365; 2013 PMC3825167

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Kanter, JE; Bornfeldt, KE ; Evidence stacks up that endothelial insulin resistance is a culprit in atherosclerosis Circ Res 113 4: 352-4; 2013 PMC3841007

Li, X; Gonzalez, O; Shen, X; Barnhart, S; Kramer, F; Kanter, JE; Vivekanandan-Giri, A; Tsuchiya, K; Handa, P; ... Bornfeldt, KE Endothelial acyl-CoA synthetase 1 is not required for inflammatory and apoptotic effects of a saturated fatty acid-rich environment Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 33 2: 232-40; 2013 PMC3553857

Rubinow, KB; Wall, VZ; Nelson, J; Mar, D; Bomsztyk, K; Askari, B; Lai, MA; Smith, KD; Han, MS; ... Bornfeldt, KE Acyl-CoA synthetase 1 is induced by Gram-negative bacteria and lipopolysaccharide and is required for phospholipid turnover in stimulated macrophages J Biol Chem 288 14: 9957-70; 2013 PMC3617295

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