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Research Interest: Complications of Diabetes

DRC Publications

Smith, JW; O'Brien, KD; Dardas, T; Pal, JD; Fishbein, DP; Levy, WC; Mahr, C; Masri, SC; Cheng, RK; ... Mokadam, NA Systematic donor selection review process improves cardiac transplant volumes and outcomes J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 151 1: 238-43; 2016

O'Brien, KD; Hippe, DS; Chen, H; Neradilek, MB; Probstfield, JL; Peck, S; Isquith, DA; Canton, G; Yuan, C; ... Kerwin, WS Summary of clinical and laboratory data of study subjects with and without DCE-MRI plaque measurements in the AIM-HIGH clinical trial Data Brief 6 476-81; 2016 PMC4773570

Han, CY; Tang, C; Guevara, ME; Wei, H; Wietecha, T; Shao, B; Subramanian, S; Omer, M; Wang, S; ... Chait, A Serum amyloid A impairs the antiinflammatory properties of HDL J Clin Invest 126 1: 266-81; 2016 PMC4701569

Albers, JJ; Slee, A; Fleg, JL; O'Brien, KD; Marcovina, SM ; Relationship of baseline HDL subclasses, small dense LDL and LDL triglyceride to cardiovascular events in the AIM-HIGH clinical trial Atherosclerosis 2016

James, EA; Gates, TJ; LaFond, RE; Yamamoto, S; Ni, C; Mai, D; Gersuk, VH; O'Brien, K; Nguyen, QA; ... Kwok, WW Neuroinvasive West Nile Infection Elicits Elevated and Atypically Polarized T Cell Responses That Promote a Pathogenic Outcome PLoS Pathog 12 1: e1005375; 2016 PMC4721872

Katz, R; Budoff, MJ; O'Brien, KD; Wong, ND; Nasir, K ; The metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus as predictors of thoracic aortic calcification as detected by non-contrast computed tomography in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis Diabet Med 33 7: 912-9; 2016 PMC4779073

O'Brien, KD; Hippe, DS; Chen, H; Neradilek, MB; Probstfield, JL; Peck, S; Isquith, DA; Canton, G; Yuan, C; ... Kerwin, WS Longer duration of statin therapy is associated with decreased carotid plaque vascularity by magnetic resonance imaging Atherosclerosis 245 74-81; 2016

Hsu, CC; Paik, J; Brabb, TL; O'Brien, KD; Kim, J; Sullivan, BG; Hudkins, KL; Seamons, A; Finley, JC; ... Maggio-Price, L Murine Norovirus Infection Variably Alters Atherosclerosis in Mice Lacking Apolipoprotein E Comp Med 65 5: 369-81; 2015 PMC4617328

Paik, J; Kwok, F; Seamons, A; Brabb, T; Kim, J; Sullivan, B; Hsu, C; O'Brien, KD; Maggio-Price, L ; ... Maggio-Price, L Effects of murine norovirus on atherosclerosis in ldlr(-/-) mice depends on the timing of infection Comp Med 65 2: 114-22; 2015 PMC4408896

Nishizawa, T; Kanter, JE; Kramer, F; Barnhart, S; Shen, X; Vivekanandan-Giri, A; Wall, VZ; Kowitz, J; Devaraj, S; ... Bornfeldt, KE Testing the role of myeloid cell glucose flux in inflammation and atherosclerosis Cell Rep 7 2: 356-65; 2014 PMC4021396

Askari, B; Wietecha, T; Hudkins, KL; Fox, EJ; O'Brien, KD; Kim, J; Nguyen, TQ; Alpers, CE ; Effects of CP-900691, a novel peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha, agonist on diabetic nephropathy in the BTBR ob/ob mouse Lab Invest 94 8: 851-62; 2014 PMC4404155

den Hartigh, LJ; Wang, S; Goodspeed, L; Ding, Y; Averill, M; Subramanian, S; Wietecha, T; O'Brien, KD; Chait, A ; ... Chait, A Deletion of serum amyloid A3 improves high fat high sucrose diet-induced adipose tissue inflammation and hyperlipidemia in female mice PLoS One 9 9: e108564; 2014 PMC4177399

Montes, VN; Turner, MS; Subramanian, S; Ding, Y; Hayden-Ledbetter, M; Slater, S; Goodspeed, L; Wang, S; Omer, M; ... Chait, A T cell activation inhibitors reduce CD8+ T cell and pro-inflammatory macrophage accumulation in adipose tissue of obese mice PLoS One 8 7: e67709; 2013 PMC3699637

Pichaiwong, W; Hudkins, KL; Wietecha, T; Nguyen, TQ; Tachaudomdach, C; Li, W; Askari, B; Kobayashi, T; O'Brien, KD; ... Alpers, CE Reversibility of structural and functional damage in a model of advanced diabetic nephropathy J Am Soc Nephrol 24 7: 1088-102; 2013 PMC3699819

Subramanian, S; Turner, MS; Ding, Y; Goodspeed, L; Wang, S; Buckner, JH; O'Brien, K; Getz, GS; Reardon, CA; ... Chait, A Increased levels of invariant natural killer T lymphocytes worsen metabolic abnormalities and atherosclerosis in obese mice J Lipid Res 54 10: 2831-41; 2013 PMC3770095

Umemoto, T; Han, CY; Mitra, P; Averill, MM; Tang, C; Goodspeed, L; Omer, M; Subramanian, S; Wang, S; ... Chait, A Apolipoprotein AI and high-density lipoprotein have anti-inflammatory effects on adipocytes via cholesterol transporters: ATP-binding cassette A-1, ATP-binding cassette G-1, and scavenger receptor B-1 Circ Res 112 10: 1345-54; 2013 PMC3767575

Ding, Y; Subramanian, S; Montes, VN; Goodspeed, L; Wang, S; Han, C; Teresa, AS, 3rd; Kim, J; O'Brien, KD; ... Chait, A Toll-like receptor 4 deficiency decreases atherosclerosis but does not protect against inflammation in obese low-density lipoprotein receptor-deficient mice Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 32 7: 1596-604; 2012 PMC3748807

Chang, MY; Chan, CK; Braun, KR; Green, PS; O'Brien, KD; Chait, A; Day, AJ; Wight, TN ; Monocyte-to-macrophage differentiation: synthesis and secretion of a complex extracellular matrix J Biol Chem 287 17: 14122-35; 2012 PMC3340194

Umemoto, T; Subramanian, S; Ding, Y; Goodspeed, L; Wang, S; Han, CY; Teresa, AS; Kim, J; O'Brien, KD; ... Chait, A Inhibition of intestinal cholesterol absorption decreases atherosclerosis but not adipose tissue inflammation J Lipid Res 53 11: 2380-9; 2012 PMC3466006