Laura den Hartigh

Research Associate Professor

South Lake Union



Research Interest: Complications of Diabetes

DRC Publications

Rubinow, KB; Wang, S; den Hartigh, LJ; Subramanian, S; Morton, GJ; Buaas, FW; Lamont, D; Gray, N; Braun, RE; ... Page, ST Hematopoietic androgen receptor deficiency promotes visceral fat deposition in male mice without impairing glucose homeostasis Andrology 3 4: 787-96; 2015 PMC4736737

den Hartigh, LJ; Wang, S; Goodspeed, L; Ding, Y; Averill, M; Subramanian, S; Wietecha, T; O'Brien, KD; Chait, A ; ... Chait, A Deletion of serum amyloid A3 improves high fat high sucrose diet-induced adipose tissue inflammation and hyperlipidemia in female mice PLoS One 9 9: e108564; 2014 PMC4177399

Averill, MM; Kim, EJ; Goodspeed, L; Wang, S; Subramanian, S; Den Hartigh, LJ; Tang, C; Ding, Y; Reardon, CA; ... Chait, A The apolipoprotein-AI mimetic peptide L4F at a modest dose does not attenuate weight gain, inflammation, or atherosclerosis in LDLR-null mice PLoS One 9 10: e109252; 2014 PMC4186861

Montes, VN; Turner, MS; Subramanian, S; Ding, Y; Hayden-Ledbetter, M; Slater, S; Goodspeed, L; Wang, S; Omer, M; ... Chait, A T cell activation inhibitors reduce CD8+ T cell and pro-inflammatory macrophage accumulation in adipose tissue of obese mice PLoS One 8 7: e67709; 2013 PMC3699637

Umemoto, T; Han, CY; Mitra, P; Averill, MM; Tang, C; Goodspeed, L; Omer, M; Subramanian, S; Wang, S; ... Chait, A Apolipoprotein AI and high-density lipoprotein have anti-inflammatory effects on adipocytes via cholesterol transporters: ATP-binding cassette A-1, ATP-binding cassette G-1, and scavenger receptor B-1 Circ Res 112 10: 1345-54; 2013 PMC3767575

Han, CY; Umemoto, T; Omer, M; Den Hartigh, LJ; Chiba, T; LeBoeuf, R; Buller, CL; Sweet, IR; Pennathur, S; ... Chait, A NADPH oxidase-derived reactive oxygen species increases expression of monocyte chemotactic factor genes in cultured adipocytes J Biol Chem 287 13: 10379-93; 2012 PMC3322984