Steven Ziegler

Affiliate Professor

Benaroya Research Institute



Research Interest: Etiology, Pathogenesis and Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

DRC Publications

Reeves, SR; Kaber, G; Sheih, A; Cheng, G; Aronica, MA; Merrilees, MJ; Debley, JS; Frevert, CW; Ziegler, SF; ... Wight, TN Subepithelial Accumulation of Versican in a Cockroach Antigen-Induced Murine Model of Allergic Asthma J Histochem Cytochem 64 6: 364-80; 2016 PMC4888411

Kawakami, T; Lichtnekert, J; Thompson, LJ; Karna, P; Bouabe, H; Hohl, TM; Heinecke, JW; Ziegler, SF; Nelson, PJ; ... Duffield, JS Resident renal mononuclear phagocytes comprise five discrete populations with distinct phenotypes and functions J Immunol 191 6: 3358-72; 2013 PMC3808972

Huang, C; Martin, S; Pfleger, C; Du, J; Buckner, JH; Bluestone, JA; Riley, JL; Ziegler, SF ; Cutting Edge: a novel, human-specific interacting protein couples FOXP3 to a chromatin-remodeling complex that contains KAP1/TRIM28 J Immunol 190 9: 4470-3; 2013 PMC4197931