Tomas Vaisar

Research Professor

South Lake Union



Research Interest: Complications of Diabetes

DRC Publications

Han, CY; Tang, C; Guevara, ME; Wei, H; Wietecha, T; Shao, B; Subramanian, S; Omer, M; Wang, S; ... Chait, A Serum amyloid A impairs the antiinflammatory properties of HDL J Clin Invest 126 1: 266-81; 2016 PMC4701569

Pamir, N; Hutchins, P; Ronsein, G; Vaisar, T; Reardon, CA; Getz, GS; Lusis, AJ; Heinecke, JW ; Proteomic analysis of HDL from inbred mouse strains implicates APOE associated with HDL in reduced cholesterol efflux capacity via the ABCA1 pathway J Lipid Res 57 2: 246-57; 2016 PMC4727420

Shubin, NJ; Glukhova, VA; Clauson, M; Truong, P; Abrink, M; Pejler, G; White, NJ; Deutsch, GH; Reeves, SR; ... Piliponsky, AM Proteome analysis of mast cell releasates reveals a role for chymase in the regulation of coagulation factor XIIIA levels via proteolytic degradation J Allergy Clin Immunol 2016

Monette, JS; Hutchins, PM; Ronsein, GE; Wimberger, J; Irwin, AD; Tang, C; Sara, JD; Shao, B; Vaisar, T; ... Heinecke, JW Patients With Coronary Endothelial Dysfunction Have Impaired Cholesterol Efflux Capacity and Reduced HDL Particle Concentration Circ Res 119 1: 83-90; 2016 PMC4920704

Ronsein, GE; Hutchins, PM; Isquith, D; Vaisar, T; Zhao, XQ; Heinecke, JW ; Niacin Therapy Increases High-Density Lipoprotein Particles and Total Cholesterol Efflux Capacity But Not ABCA1-Specific Cholesterol Efflux in Statin-Treated Subjects Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 36 2: 404-11; 2016 PMC4746727

Henderson, CM; Vaisar, T; Hoofnagle, AN ; Isolating and Quantifying Plasma HDL Proteins by Sequential Density Gradient Ultracentrifugation and Targeted Proteomics Methods Mol Biol 1410 105-20; 2016

Kim, DS; Li, YK; Bell, GA; Burt, AA; Vaisar, T; Hutchins, PM; Furlong, CE; Otvos, JD; Polak, JF; ... Jarvik, GP Concentration of Smaller High-Density Lipoprotein Particle (HDL-P) Is Inversely Correlated With Carotid Intima Media Thickening After Confounder Adjustment: The Multi Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) J Am Heart Assoc 5 5: 2016 PMC4889175

Kim, DS; Burt, AA; Ranchalis, JE; Vuletic, S; Vaisar, T; Li, WF; Rosenthal, EA; Dong, W; Eintracht, JF; ... Jarvik, GP PLTP activity inversely correlates with CAAD: effects of PON1 enzyme activity and genetic variants on PLTP activity J Lipid Res 56 7: 1351-62; 2015 PMC4479339

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Ronsein, GE; Pamir, N; von Haller, PD; Kim, DS; Oda, MN; Jarvik, GP; Vaisar, T; Heinecke, JW ; Parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) and selected reaction monitoring (SRM) exhibit comparable linearity, dynamic range and precision for targeted quantitative HDL proteomics J Proteomics 113 388-99; 2015 PMC4259393

Vaisar, T; Tang, C; Babenko, I; Hutchins, P; Wimberger, J; Suffredini, AF; Heinecke, JW ; Inflammatory remodeling of the HDL proteome impairs cholesterol efflux capacity J Lipid Res 56 8: 1519-30; 2015 PMC4513993

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Driscoll, WS; Vaisar, T; Tang, J; Wilson, CL; Raines, EW ; Macrophage ADAM17 deficiency augments CD36-dependent apoptotic cell uptake and the linked anti-inflammatory phenotype Circ Res 113 1: 52-61; 2013 PMC3693752

Rubinow, KB; Vaisar, T; Tang, C; Matsumoto, AM; Heinecke, JW; Page, ST ; Testosterone replacement in hypogonadal men alters the HDL proteome but not HDL cholesterol efflux capacity J Lipid Res 53 7: 1376-83; 2012 PMC3371249

Vaisar, T ; Proteomics investigations of HDL: challenges and promise Curr Vasc Pharmacol 10 4: 410-21; 2012 PMC3685576

Hoofnagle, AN; Becker, JO; Oda, MN; Cavigiolio, G; Mayer, P; Vaisar, T ; Multiple-reaction monitoring-mass spectrometric assays can accurately measure the relative protein abundance in complex mixtures Clin Chem 58 4: 777-81; 2012 PMC3665768

Page, ST; Krauss, RM; Gross, C; Ishida, B; Heinecke, JW; Tang, C; Amory, JK; Schaefer, PM; Cox, CJ; ... Vaisar, T Impact of mifepristone, a glucocorticoid/progesterone antagonist, on HDL cholesterol, HDL particle concentration, and HDL function J Clin Endocrinol Metab 97 5: 1598-605; 2012 PMC3339893

Suzuki, M; Becker, L; Pritchard, DK; Gharib, SA; Wijsman, EM; Bammler, TK; Beyer, RP; Vaisar, T; Oram, JF; ... Heinecke, JW Cholesterol accumulation regulates expression of macrophage proteins implicated in proteolysis and complement activation Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 32 12: 2910-8; 2012 PMC3501207