William Hagopian

Clinical Professor

Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute


Email: wah@uw.edu

Research Interest: Clinical Trials and Large-Scale Epidemiologic Studies, Etiology, Pathogenesis and Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

DRC Publications

Luo, S; Lin, J; Xie, Z; Xiang, Y; Zheng, P; Huang, G; Li, X; Liao, Y; Hagopian, WA; ... Zhou, Z HLA Genetic Discrepancy Between Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults and Type 1 Diabetes: LADA China Study No. 6 J Clin Endocrinol Metab 101 4: 1693-700; 2016

Torn, C; Hadley, D; Lee, HS; Hagopian, W; Lernmark, A; Simell, O; Rewers, M; Ziegler, A; Schatz, D; ... TEDDY Study Group Role of type 1 diabetes-associated SNPs on risk of autoantibody positivity in the TEDDY Study Diabetes 64 5: 1818-29; 2015 PMC4407865

Steck, AK; Vehik, K; Bonifacio, E; Lernmark, A; Ziegler, AG; Hagopian, WA; She, J; Simell, O; Akolkar, B; ... TEDDY Study Group Predictors of progression from the appearance of islet autoantibodies to early childhood diabetes: The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) Diabetes Care 38 5: 808-13; 2015 PMC4407751

Maziarz, M; Hagopian, W; Palmer, JP; Sanjeevi, CB; Kockum, I; Breslow, N; Lernmark, A; Swedish Childhood Diabetes Register; Diabetes Incidence in Sweden Study Group; ... Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium Non-HLA type 1 diabetes genes modulate disease risk together with HLA-DQ and islet autoantibodies Genes Immun 16 8: 541-51; 2015 PMC4670274

Hadley, D; Hagopian, W; Liu, E; She, JX; Simell, O; Akolkar, B; Ziegler, AG; Rewers, M; Krischer, JP; ... TEDDY Study Group HLA-DPB1*04:01 protects genetically susceptible children from celiac disease autoimmunity in the TEDDY Study Am J Gastroenterol 110 6: 915-20; 2015 PMC4487515

Kemppainen, KM; Ardissone, AN; Davis-Richardson, AG; Fagen, JR; Gano, KA; Leon-Novelo, LG; Vehik, K; Casella, G; Simell, O; ... TEDDY Study Group Early childhood gut microbiomes show strong geographic differences among subjects at high risk for type 1 diabetes Diabetes Care 38 2: 329-32; 2015 PMC4302256

Beyerlein, A; Liu, X; Uusitalo, UM; Harsunen, M; Norris, JM; Foterek, K; Virtanen, SM; Rewers, MJ; She, JX; ... TEDDY Study Group Dietary intake of soluble fiber and risk of islet autoimmunity by 5 y of age: results from the TEDDY Study Am J Clin Nutr 102 2: 345-52; 2015 PMC4515865

Yang, J; Lernmark, A; Uusitalo, UM; Lynch, KF; Veijola, R; Winkler, C; Larsson, HE; Rewers, M; She, JX; ... TEDDY Study Group Prevalence of obesity was related to HLA-DQ in 2-4-year-old children at genetic risk for type 1 diabetes Int J Obes (Lond) 38 12: 1491-6; 2014 PMC4185013

Hagopian, W; Ferry, RJ, Jr.; Sherry, N; Carlin, D; Bonvini, E; Johnson, S; Stein, KE; Koenig, S; Daifotis, AG; ... Prot‚g‚ Trial Investigators Teplizumab preserves C-peptide in recent-onset type 1 diabetes: two-year results from the randomized, placebo-controlled Prot‚g‚ Trial Diabetes 62 11: 3901-8; 2013 PMC3806608

Herold, KC; Gitelman, SE; Ehlers, MR; Gottlieb, PA; Greenbaum, CJ; Hagopian, W; Boyle, KD; Keyes-Elstein, L; Aggarwal, S; ... AbATE Study Team Teplizumab (anti-CD3 mAb) treatment preserves C-peptide responses in patients with new-onset type 1 diabetes in a randomized controlled trial: metabolic and immunologic features at baseline identify a subgroup of responders Diabetes 62 11: 3766-74; 2013 PMC3806618

Roep, BO; Solvason, N; Gottlieb, PA; Abreu, JR; Harrison, LC; Eisenbarth, GS; Yu, L; Leviten, M; Hagopian, WA; ... Steinman, L Plasmid-encoded proinsulin preserves C-peptide while specifically reducing proinsulin-specific CD8(+) T cells in type 1 diabetes Sci Transl Med 5 191: 191ra82; 2013 PMC4516024

Lee, HS; Briese, T; Winkler, C; Rewers, M; Bonifacio, E; Hyoty, H; Pflueger, M; Simell, O; She, JX; ... TEDDY Study Group Next-generation sequencing for viruses in children with rapid-onset type 1 diabetes Diabetologia 56 8: 1705-11; 2013 PMC4019381

Vehik, K; Fiske, SW; Logan, CA; Agardh, D; Cilio, CM; Hagopian, W; Simell, O; Roivainen, M; She, JX; ... Group, TS Methods, quality control and specimen management in an international multicentre investigation of type 1 diabetes: TEDDY Diabetes Metab Res Rev 29 7: 557-67; 2013 PMC3992860

Zhou, Z; Xiang, Y; Ji, L; Jia, W; Ning, G; Huang, G; Yang, L; Lin, J; Liu, Z; ... LADA China Study Group Frequency, immunogenetics, and clinical characteristics of latent autoimmune diabetes in China (LADA China Study): a nationwide, multicenter, clinic-based cross-sectional study Diabetes 62 2: 543-50; 2013 PMC3554388

Waldron-Lynch, F; Inzucchi, SE; Menard, L; Tai, N; Preston-Hurlburt, P; Hui, P; McClaskey, J; Hagopian, WA; Meffre, E; ... Herold, KC Relapsing and remitting severe hypoglycemia due to a monoclonal anti-insulin antibody heralding a case of multiple myeloma J Clin Endocrinol Metab 97 12: 4317-23; 2012 PMC3513536