William Kwok

Research Member

Benaroya Research Institute

Email: bkwok@benaroyaresearch.org

Research Interest: Etiology, Pathogenesis and Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

DRC Publications

Renand, A; Robinson, D; Kwok, WW ; Reply J Allergy Clin Immunol 137 5: 1622-3; 2016

James, EA; Gates, TJ; LaFond, RE; Yamamoto, S; Ni, C; Mai, D; Gersuk, VH; O'Brien, K; Nguyen, QA; ... Kwok, WW Neuroinvasive West Nile Infection Elicits Elevated and Atypically Polarized T Cell Responses That Promote a Pathogenic Outcome PLoS Pathog 12 1: e1005375; 2016 PMC4721872

Archila, LD; Chow, IT; McGinty, JW; Renand, A; Jeong, D; Robinson, D; Farrington, ML; Kwok, WW ; Ana o 1 and Ana o 2 cashew allergens share cross-reactive CD4(+) T cell epitopes with other tree nuts Clin Exp Allergy 46 6: 871-83; 2016

Renand, A; Archila, LD; McGinty, J; Wambre, E; Robinson, D; Hales, BJ; Thomas, WR; Kwok, WW ; Chronic cat allergen exposure induces a TH2 cell-dependent IgG4 response related to low sensitization J Allergy Clin Immunol 136 6: 1627-35 e1-13; 2015 PMC4679456

McGinty, JW; Chow, IT; Greenbaum, C; Odegard, J; Kwok, WW; James, EA ; Recognition of posttranslationally modified GAD65 epitopes in subjects with type 1 diabetes Diabetes 63 9: 3033-40; 2014 PMC4392921

Yang, J; Chow, IT; Sosinowski, T; Torres-Chinn, N; Greenbaum, CJ; James, EA; Kappler, JW; Davidson, HW; Kwok, WW ; ... Kwok, WW Autoreactive T cells specific for insulin B:11-23 recognize a low-affinity peptide register in human subjects with autoimmune diabetes Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111 41: 14840-5; 2014 PMC4205657

Chow, IT; Yang, J; Gates, TJ; James, EA; Mai, DT; Greenbaum, C; Kwok, WW ; Assessment of CD4+ T cell responses to glutamic acid decarboxylase 65 using DQ8 tetramers reveals a pathogenic role of GAD65 121-140 and GAD65 250-266 in T1D development PLoS One 9 11: e112882; 2014 PMC4236121

Yang, J; James, EA; Sanda, S; Greenbaum, C; Kwok, WW ; CD4+ T cells recognize diverse epitopes within GAD65: implications for repertoire development and diabetes monitoring Immunology 138 3: 269-79; 2013 PMC3573280

Chow, IT; James, EA; Tan, V; Moustakas, AK; Papadopoulos, GK; Kwok, WW ; DRB1*12:01 presents a unique subset of epitopes by preferring aromatics in pocket 9 Mol Immunol 50 1-2: 26-34; 2012 PMC3433834