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Program Description

Effective leadership and management of strong teams are crucial to the success of any organization, including medical laboratories. To deliver quality laboratory services, competent leadership and management are imperative. Unfortunately, many laboratory managers do not receive adequate job-specific training in organizational management and leadership. Strong laboratory managers are essential for efficient laboratory management and have a positive impact on laboratory services and capabilities. However, supervisors face significant challenges, such as building strong teams, supporting innovation, and managing an increasingly complex testing and regulatory landscape. Leadership skills are particularly critical for those working in clinical laboratories that provide test results to inform patient care, and they are a vital component of the healthcare system.

We are excited to be recruiting an initial cohort for our pilot of these three online courses designed to teach leadership and management concepts and skills. These are essential to laboratory staff in supervisory positions, or those seeking to become supervisors. This program is applicable to global audiences who work in a clinical laboratory setting with the goal of enabling participants to make substantive and impactful improvements in laboratory testing quality and operations.

Program Objectives

  • Apply leadership and management skills required for optimal laboratory performance and inter-coordination with key stakeholders in clinical and public health practice.
  • Implement quality assurance practices (timeliness, reliability, and accuracy of testing).
  • Improve laboratory practice compliance and accountability in line with national and international laws and regulations.
  • Utilize and implement current and new diagnostic technology appropriately.
  • Apply critical analyses to laboratory data and communicate results and interpretations in an impactful way.


Each course is asynchronous, with consecutive modules that you complete each week on your own time; there are no required live meeting times. Learning activities include recorded lectures and video vignettes with experts in laboratory medicine and public health, assessments, self-reflection opportunities and practical assignments applicable to your professional work. You will engage with laboratory professionals from around the world through online discussion forums.

Program Outline

The certificate program includes three online courses that are each 10 weeks in length.

Course 1

Leadership and Management in the Clinical Laboratory
September 30 – December 8, 2024

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Course 2

Operational Quality Management in the Clinical Laboratory
January 22 – March 31, 2024

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Course 3

Quality Control Methods in the Clinical Laboratory
April 8- June 16, 2024

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