International Sea Urchin Science Center

Situation: Below are suggested lab experiments that might be of environmental interest in a particular country. Hypothetical scientists names are used.

Note: this is a real Push Lab best reserved for your better students (seniors with chemistry background). Individual experiments could be used with younger students who are having difficulty synthesizing the details themselves in an independent experiment. See also: Experiments, Sperm Experiments, and Extended Research

Note: though I have made some attempt to link up a possible experiment with a particular country, this should not be taken to the point of "stereotyping" the problem to just that country. All countries face these problems. Pollution is worldwide! The links are to suggestions for "quick and dirty" experiments that can be done in small groups very quickly (assuming teacher sets up ahead of time). You might break up into groups of 4 students with each group picking a different experiment. At the end of the period or the next day, have each group present a short presentation of their findings.



Proposed test on Sea Urchin fertilization/development

Dr. Sjöborre / Sweden

Developing ozone holes over the poles

UV irradiation - $expensive lab if you do not have the materials

Dr. Morski Jez / Serbo Croatia

Industrial pollution


Dr. Hai Dan / China

Fresh water intrusion into the sea urchin aquaculture industry

Lower osmotic strength sea waters

Dr. Oursin / France

Industrial pollution


Dr Seeigel / Germany

Acid rain

Lower pHs

Dr. Kinfid AL-Baher / Saudi Arabia

Global warming

Higher temperatures

Dr. Kipodei Yam / Israel

Pesticides on development


Dr. Arici de Mare / Romania

Oil spills

Oxygen depletion

Dr. Erizo de Mar / Costa Rica

Pulp mill runoff

Sawdust extract

Dr. Uni / Japan

Heavy metal poisoning


Do the above names look familiar? See Polyglot

All of the above can be expanded into much bigger / longer term experiments.

See Experiments, Sperm Experiments, & Extended Research