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Primary Labs

Support Lessons

Core Lab The Microscope
Gametes SIZE Under Microscope
Fertilization Mixing the Gene Pool
Development Brooders vs. Spawners
Experiments Simple Dilution
  Simple Dilution 2
Drawing Sperm Dilution
  • The overhead for the lab report is a generalized form that can be filled out in class with the help of the students, for any lesson.
  • Spanish pages are indicated with (S) (thanks to, Dolores Perez McDaniel, Loretta Roberson and Roberto Mercado, Ph.D)
  • French pages are indicated with (F) (thanks to and Sophie Clerte)

 Tip: Instead of 4-5 lab reports from a group of students, have them turn in one lab report and have them attach their individual notes. In this way you can calculate a grade based on group and individual work.

Note: the 'graphic' links to the raw file, whereas the 'page' links to the lesson in context.
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[GS=greyscale, C = color]  [LM=light microscope, SEM = scanning electron microscope]
page graphic Description
Core Labs-tree.gif450x600 – Classification (species evolution) tree
 develop.gif574x331 – Single Cell to Sea Urchin
 oral.gif503x164 – Needle injection
 inject.gif309x171 – Needle injection
 pipet.gif561x112 – Pasteur pipet
Gametesd-egg.gif304x201 – urchin vs human egg
 d-sperm.gif459x218 – urchin vs human sperm
 inject.gif309x171 – Needle injection
 oral.gif503x164 – Needle injection
 jelly.gif143x148 – egg observation
 pre-jelly.gif143x148 – egg observation
 sperm-la.gif320x240 – sperm 3D model
 spermma.gif260x200 – sperm diagram
Fertilizationarx.gif330x165 – Acrosome Reaction
 ee1.gif108x54 – Early Events, Acrosome
 ee2.gif108x54 – Early Events, Binding
 ee3.gif108x54 – Early Events, Fusion
 ee4.gif108x54 – Early Events, Cortical Rx
 ee5.gif108x54 – Early Events, Fertilization Cone
 ee6.gif108x54 – Early Events, Nulcei Fuse
 ee7.gif108x54 – Early Events, Centering
 ee8.gif108x54 – Early Events, Streak
 ee9.gif108x54 – Early Events, Metaphase
 ee10.gif108x54 – Early Events, First Division
 pipet.gif561x112 – Pasteur pipet
Developmentdevelop.gif574x331 – Single Cell to Sea Urchin
 bw-pluteus.jpg145x166 GS – pluteus phase
 e-blast.gif187x176 GS – phase of early blastula, 3
 m-vs-u.gif321x214 – urchin vs human egg development
Introduction to Microscopymicroscope.gif485x343 – Parts of the Microscope
 micro-ws.gif485x343 – Parts of the Microscope - blank
 microscope2.gif303x478 – Parts of the Microscope - numbered
 depression.gif484x204 – depression slide
 brite-dark.jpg500x250 GS – brightfield vs darkfield
Size Under the Microscopem-size.gif543x727 – microscope magnification
Brooders vs. SpawnersPopulation.gif386x200 – human population growth
 bvs.jpg653x278 – brooders vs. spawners chart
 p2a.gif180x288 – powers of 2
Simple Dilutionspectrum.gif318x169 – visible spectrum
 cocacola.gif318x135 – coco cola spectrum
 blue.gif318x136 – blue filter spectrum
 s-meter.gif387x281 – Spectophotometer
 c-series.gif321x239 – coke dilution series
Sperm Dilutionspermchart.gif496x294 – sperm concentration
 00197a81.gif244x108 – Hemacytometer
 hemo.gif192x192 – 1:2,000 dilution hemacytometer view
Drawing Lessonjelly.gif143x148 – egg observation
 1cell.gif256x192 – 1 cell
 8cell.gif183x144 – 8 cells
 8cellsem.gif238x190 GS SEM – 8 cells - scanning electron microscope
 Pluteus.gif219x187 – pluteus - graphic
 live-pluteus.jpg238x196 C LM – pluteus - photo
 spermsem.jpg256x192 GS SEM – closeup of sperm on egg
 sperm.gif216x193 – sperm diagram
Natural Historyfossil1.jpg340x256 C – Closeup of 3 fossil urchins
 fossil2.jpg320x260 C – Closeup of single fossil urchin
 1cell.jpg240x240 GS LM – 1 cell
 urchinbed.jpg317x209 C – tidepool
 urchinbed2.jpg209x317 C – tidepool from further back
Anatomy & Physiologylantern.jpg112x118 C – Closeup of aristotle's lantern
 p-test.jpg206x204 C – Closeup of S. purpuratus test
 test1.jpg223x173 C – Closeup of test
 Tubefeetlc.jpg192x157 C – Closeup of L. pictus tubefeet
 Tubefeetpc.jpg253x364 C – Closeup of S. purpuratus tubefeet
Micro-Video Cameravideo-micro.gif – microvideo camera setup
Isolating the Mitotic ApparatusI-meta.jpg282x272 GS – phase of isolated metaphase
 live-ma.jpg269x319 GS LM – live metaphase
 spiral.jpg196x187 GS – phase if isolateed aster Xtra Lg
Other images
 2cell.jpg240x240 GS LM – 2 cell - photo
 4cell.jpg240x240 GS LM – 4 cell - photo
 bcell.jpg240x240 GS LM – bcell - photo
 bcell2.jpg379x373 C – bcell - photo
 cusp.jpg381x348 C – Closeup, spawning female S. purpuratus
 fert-m.gif320x240 GS SEM – with scale
 fert-m.jpg256x192 GS SEM – with scale
 pcell.jpg291x240 GS LM – pluteus
 P-test.gif206x204 – 256 Closeup of S. purpuratus test
 sem01.jpg640x480 GS SEM – sperm almost entered into egg
 sem02.jpg622x470 GS SEM – fertilization
 sem03.jpg640x480 GS SEM – fertilization
 sem04.jpg516x460 GS SEM – closeup of sperm on egg
 sem05.jpg595x460 GS SEM FE – view = scanning electron microscope
 urchin07.jpg320x240 C – purp in tidepool at MBA exhibit
 urchin08.jpg320x240 C – purp on side of glass showing mouth
 urchin09.jpg124x124 C – purp, closeup of mouth through glass
Note: the 'graphic' links to the raw file, whereas the 'page' links to the lesson in context.
(use your browser's "print" function to print these graphics out.)
page spanish graphic description
Acrosome Reaction [S] acrosome.gif Acrosome Rx in sea urchin sperm as it approaches egg
How Big Is It?   sum.gif  
Early events at fertilization in sea urchins [S] e-fert.gif Early events at fertilization in sea urchins
Fusion [S] fusion.gif 2 dimensional representation of exocytosis
Growth & Division [S]    
Gastrulation In Sea Urchins   gastro2.gif  
Insect Division [S]    
Normal Fertilization [S] nfert.gif Normal fertilization to four cell
Meiosis II   bmeiosis.gif  
Mitosis & Centrosomes [S] mitosis.gif Closeup of centrosome and chromosomes during mitosis
Mitosis vs. Meiosis   ameiosis.gif  
Normal Conditions [S] normal.gif Fertilization in normal, non-toxic environment
Normal Development [S] norm-sp.gif Normal development to blastula
NOS Reaction   nosan.gif  
Powers of 2 [S] p2.gif Powers of 2
Polyspermy [S] poly-sp.gif Polyspermic development
3D to Late Prism   RD.gif  
How to Spawn an Urchin [S] a-inject.gif Injecting an adult sea urchin to induce spawning
How to Collect Eggs [S] spawn-f.gif spawning female sea urchin
How to Collect Sperm [S] spawn_m.gif spawning male sea urchin
Too Many [S] hi-sperm.gif Too many sperm resulting in polyspermy
Just Right [S] jr-sperm.gif Just the right amount of sperm equals successful fert
Too Few [S] lo-sperm.gif Too few sperm and eggs are not fertilized
Sperm Motility 3D [S] sperm-l.gif 3D sperm motility
Sperm Motility 2D [S] spermmot.gif 2D sperm motility
Toxic Conditions [S] toxic.gif Fertilization in a toxic environment
Unequal Division [S] unequal.gif  
1 Cell to Urchin [S]    
    exocyt.gif Exocytosis
From Single Cell to 4 Cell [S] 1-4.gif Single cell to four cell in sea urchin, B&W
Nuclear Migration [S] migrate.gif nuclear migration in sea urchin, B&W
Fertilization [S] zygota.gif Early fert & dev. in sea urchin, Color, Sea Studios
Pluteus to Urchin