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National News Coverage

From August through November 1934, EPIC was covered in newspapers and magazines across the country, earning story after story and almost as many political cartoons. Here is a sample of articles from influential news magazines and newspapers.


George Creel, defeated by Sinclair in the primary election, has the last laugh in the scornful account of the campaign for the Saturday Evening Post.

Literary Digest:

Kenneth Stewart, "Upton Sinclair and His Epic Plan for Calfornia," August 25, 1934

Robert Ordway Foote, "The Radical vs. Conservative Issue in California," September 8, 1934

"Industrial Truce to Fore as Election Nears," October 13, 1934

Upton Sinclair, "Reforms Urged by Two Outstanding Political Figures," October 13, 1934

The Nation:

Oswald Garrison Villard, "Upton Sinclair Startles California," July 11, 1934

"Upton Sinclair's Victory," September 12, 1934

Upton Sinclair, "End Poverty in Civilization," September 26, 1934

"The Epic of Upton Sinclair," October 31, 1934

"Sinclair, La Follette, and Cutting," November 7, 1934

Raymond Gram Swing, "Last Look at the Campaign," November 7, 1934

Upton Sinclair, "A Retraction from Mr. Sinclair," January 16, 1935

Oswald Garrison Villard, "Come Laugh at California," May 15, 1935

New Republic:

Carey McWilliams, "Upton Sinclair and His E.P.I.C.," August 22, 1934

Carey McWilliams, "High Spots in the Campaign," November 7, 1934

Christian Century:

"Do Socialists Want Socialism?," September 19, 1934

Devere Allen reply: "Do Socialists Want Socialism?," October 3, 1934

Saturday Evening Post:

George Creel, "Utopia Unlimited," November 24, 1934