Global Health Justice

March 9, 2023

14,000 Nigerians Seek Justice Against Shell for Devastating Pollution Impacts

By Sandra Laville for the Guardian

The case of environmental pollution and resulting livelihood losses in Nigeria is a striking example of the impact of corporate activities on local communities. The legal battle launched by nearly 14,000 residents of Ogale and Bille against Shell brings to light the devastating effects of oil spills from the company’s operations. The affected communities have suffered severe damage to their ability to farm and fish, which has taken away their sources of income and livelihoods. In addition to demanding that Shell clean up the pollution, the claimants seek compensation for their losses. The case coincides with Shell’s departure from the Niger Delta, where it has operated for more than 80 years, as the company has declared record profits of over $30 billion for the first three quarters of 2022. This case highlights the need for corporate accountability and the protection of human rights in relation to environmental and economic activities. See the original article by Sandra Laville for the Guardian, published in February 2023.

Commentary by Alina Metje