Global Health Justice

About Us

The Global Health Justice team is comprised of diverse faculty, staff, students, and alumni associated with the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington. As global health researchers and practitioners, we have devoted our careers to building a more equitable and healthy world. Unfortunately, the global health field often fails to live up to its altruistic vision, inadvertently perpetuating harms through its failure to adequately address inequality, colonialism, global theft, structural violence, war, and racism. As global health professionals, through our employment and engagement in the often broken international aid and academic structures, we often tacitly perpetuate structural and systemic violence against the same marginalized communities that we claim to empower. We believe that we have the responsibility to influence these factors and the global burden of disease, both positively and negatively. Our GH Justice team believes that we have a moral responsibility to better understand and address the injustices within our field and beyond and take action to create a more equitable world.