Global WACh

August 4, 2022

Researchers present latest scientific evidence at Pediatric HIV Workshop and AIDS 2022

This month, Global WACh researchers attended the 24th International AIDS Society Conference (AIDS 2022) held virtually and in-person in Montreal, Canada.  This year’s theme was “Re-engage and Follow the Science” — a call to convene scientists, policymakers, and activists to define future research agendas, shift the latest evidence to action, and chart a new consensus on overcoming the HIV epidemic as a threat to public health and individual well-being.  Researchers also attended the hybrid 14th International Workshop on HIV Pediatrics, a pre-conference event devoted to research in the prevention and treatment of HIV infections in infants, children, and adolescents.

Our researchers presented 12 poster abstracts and one oral presentation featuring the latest evidence from their studies, in relation to long-acting HIV treatment and prevention technologies, integrated and differentiated models of care, and monitoring and innovations in service delivery.  Laurén Gómez, a Research Coordinator at UW, was selected as a winner of the Lange/van Tongeren Prize for Young Investigators (co-partnered with ANRS – France Recherche Nord & Sud Sida-HIV Hépatites) and the Prize for Research in HIV Prevention (co-partnered with MSD – Merck Sharpe & Dohme). Learn more about Laurén’s analysis that aimed to address safety gaps in the impacts of prenatal pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) on growth and development in early childhood. See a list of accepted abstracts for both scientific gatherings below.

Accepted abstracts for AIDS 2022

Title Authors Presenter
A pilot evaluation of integrating STI testing and expedited partner therapy into PrEP delivery within antenatal care for pregnant women in Kenya* S. Watoyi, A. Lasern, F. Abuna, N. Ngumbau, P. Owiti, B. Ochieng, L. Gomez, J. Dettinger, J. Pintye, G. John-Stewart, J. Kinuthia Salphine Watoyi
A prospective analysis of PrEP adherence and depressive symptoms among Kenyan women who initiated PrEP during pregnancy and postpartum


A. Larsen, J. Kinuthia, M. Marwa, J. Dettinger, L. Gomez, J. Stern, F. Abuna, B. Odhiambo, N. Mwongeli, P. Omondi, J. Baeten, J. Pintye, G. John-Stewart Laurén Gómez
Comparing the cost of six-month PrEP dispensing with interim HIV self-testing to the standard-of-care three-month PrEP dispensing with clinic-based testing in Kenya D. Mangale, K. Ortblad, J. Heitner, P. Mogere, C. Kiptinness, N. Mugo, J. Baeten, K. Ngure, R. Barnabas Dorothy Mangale
COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among pregnant and postpartum women enrolled in a PrEP study in Western Kenya*


M. Marwa, J. Kinuthia, A. Larsen, J. Dettinger, L. Gomez, F. Abuna, B. Ochieng, N. Ngumabu, P. Owino, G. John-Stewart, J. Pintye Mary Marwa
Gaps and opportunities for strengthening HIV support in schools for youth living with HIV


M. Marwa, J. Kinuthia, A. Larsen, J. Dettinger, L. Gomez, F. Abuna, B. Ochieng, N. Ngumabu, P. Owino, G. John-Stewart, J. Pintye Irene Njuguna
Implementation of a readiness assessment tool to support the transition of adolescents living with HIV to adult care in Kenya N. Gitahi, D. Mangale, I. Njuguna, C. Mburu, C. Mugo , D. Wamalwa, G. John-Stewart, K. Beima-Sofie Nyawira Gitahi
Implementation strategy package improves PrEP implementation for pregnant women in antenatal care clinics in western Kenya


A. Wagner, J. Sila, F. Abuna, J. Dettinger, B. Odhiambo, N. Mwongeli, G. Oketch, E. Sifuna, L. Gómez, S. Hicks, G. John-Stewart, J. Kinuthia Ben Odhiambo
Maternal HIV status and risk of infant M. tuberculosis infection


J. Mecha, J.N. Escudero, B.A. Richardson, E.M. Obimbo, D. Matemo, J. Kinuthia, G.J. Stewart, S.M. LaCourse Jerphason Mecha


Presentations given at AIDS 2022

Title Authors Presenter
Association of prenatal PrEP exposure with neurodevelopmental and growth outcomes beyond 24 months among Kenyan children*


L. Gómez, J. Kinuthia, A. Larsen, J. Stern, J. Dettinger, M. Marwa, F. Abuna, B. Ochieng, N. Ngumbau, P. Omondi, G. John-Stewart, J. Pintye Laurén Gómez


Accepted abstracts for the International Workshop on HIV & Pediatrics

Title Authors Presenter
Effect of TB-HIV Co-treatment on Clinical and Growth Outcomes Among Hospitalized Children Newly Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy A. Cherkos, S. LaCourse, I. Njuguna, L. Cranmer, C. Mugo, H. Mora, E. Maleche-Obimbo, D. Wamalwa , G. John-Stewart Ashenafi Cherkos
Identifying HIV-Exposed Uninfected (HEU) Children and Adolescents in Resource-Limited Settings: The HOPE Study Experience H. Okinyi, M. Kinge M2, A. Onyango, D. Matemo, G. John-Stewart, D. Wamalwa, I. Njuguna Hellen Moraa
Missed opportunities to prevent mortality among youth living with HIV: A post-mortem review I. Njuguna, H. Okinyi, C. Mburu, A. Macharia, D. Wamalwa, G. John-Stewart Cyrus Mugo
Stigma in youth with HIV is associated with school dropout, attending clinic with adults and experience of violence C. Mugo, M. Kumar, J. Badia, J. Kibugi, K. Agot, J. Dyer, P. Kohler, D. Wamalwa, G. John-Stewart Cyrus Mugo

*Indicates abstracts accepted at both scientific gatherings.