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Esther Choo

Esther Choo is a PhD Candidate in the Global Health Implementation Science program in the Department of Global Health. She is interested in leveraging multisectoral nutrition programs to address the multiple forms of malnutrition in particular identifying, assessing, and operationalizing interventions to address the growing double burden of malnutrition in low- and middle-income countries. Her research focuses on estimating the costs and benefits of scaling up food system strategies in resource-constrained settings, understanding the food environment and drivers of unhealthy food and beverage consumption, and the use of digital technologies to improve maternal and child outcomes. Esther has more than ten years of international development experience with various non-governmental organizations and health agencies, most recently as Senior Technical Advisor in Integrated Nutrition with CARE. She has lived and worked in Uganda and DRC where she managed multisectoral programs in food security, financial inclusion, nutrition, health, water, and sanitation. Currently, she works with Dr. Carol Levin on the SEEMS-Nutrition project.